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The Module Development of Numerical Control Machining Programming System for Spatial Cam

Author PengChen
Tutor XiaoYaoXian
School Nanchang University of Aeronautics and
Course Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation
Keywords Spatial cam NC machining Module development Automatic programming
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Spatial cam is common parts of mechanical transmission. Because of theparticularity, the design and the processing method of cam is difficulty. TheNC(Numerical Control) machining technology and automatic programming methodshas became hot spot and aporia. Seek a processing principle small error or does notexist principle error, and reconstruct the follower roller motion processing method toresearch and develop the computer aided spatial cam automatic programming moduleappears high theoretical significance and practical value.This paper expounds spatial cam structure, working principle, sports curve type,general rules and development present situation, research on NC machining method,analyze about the reason of errors, develop the NC processing programming systemmodule based on UG platform, give the application example, simulate processing inVERICUT software.This paper mainly completed works as the following:1. Research on the two processing methods of spatial cam, namely the isodiametricand the non-isodiametric processing. The isodiametric processing mainly apply themethod of curve projection, this method without errors; the non-isodiametricprocessing is analyzed by the method of twofold envelopment and unit normal vector,the advantages and disadvantages of the two methods are researched, finally, it is morefeasible for the two envelope method through theory and examples demonstrateanalysis.2. Research on the method of parametric design based on UG5.0, the interfacetechnologies of the secondary development in VC++6.0and the development of typeinterface methods.3. According to machining method of complexity and theoretical analysis, the NCmachining programming system module for spatial cams is developed based on theplatform of UG5.0in VC++6.0,which have a fresh face, run smoothly, generateprocedures reliably. 4. Construct four axis machine in VERICUT7.0software, test the NC program, andanalyze the result, these works verify the correctness of the basic theories, thefeasibility of automatic programming and the practical value of simulation processing.The research contents of this paper is mainly for spatial cam with oscillatingfollower, the NC machining programming module is one of the parts of the automaticNC programming system based on computer aided which created the conditions forcomputer integrated manufacturing system.

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