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The Key Technology Study on Measuring Involute Profile Gear in a Polar Coordinate Method

Author ZhangJiCheng
Tutor GuoJingBin
School Tianjin University
Course Instrument Science and Technology
Keywords Polar coordinating method 2–D convert probe Two axis linkage Section integral error
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Gear is an important and funda mental part in the Machinery industry. It has a wide range of applications in the auto mobile industry, Ship navigation, Aircraft manufacturing, Mechanical processing industry. The design and m anufacturing detecting le vel of gear will d irectly inf luence the pe rformance and quality of mechanical products. T herefore, it is m eaningful to the developm ent of industrial product that measuring the error of gear quickly and accurately. The polar coordinates measuring principle which adoptd to measure gear in this article has many advantages such as short m easurement chain, d on’t need gear to rotate and m ore high-precision standard parts to mesh compared with Normal polar coordinates method and Standard parts meshing method. On the base of the th eory that to measure involute gear using the polar coordinating m ethod, I designed si ngle-sensor probe which has m easuring probe to realize two-dimensional conversion and measurement control circuit of gear based on DSP and FPGA, realized scanned continuously measuring to tooth surface around of involute gear by using two axis of joint position control method, which don’t require the gear to turn and replace the measuring probe.The main contents of this paper are as follows:1、The two-dimensional measuring probe has simple and compact structure, and it is suitable for installation. The probe adopts unique cant structure, and a single sensor can realize the shear and ra dial measurem ent of gear which save a sensor in a direction.The measuring probe adopts a para llelogram guide reed that can guarantee consistency of measuring force in two dir ections and it can realizes measurement of the gear tooth surface without turning gear in the measuring process.2、This design can realize control system that measures gear continuously. The measurement control system mainly used to calculate the gear’s coordinates of sample point send out the control sign al to control the move ment axis, acquire and process data and monitor measurement state.3、This article also builds a m ath model about m easuring involute gear using polar coordinating method based on the offs et changes. This model selects sampling points in th e involute surface, adopts the way of position contro l, sending out th e sampling signal by circular grating count value, controlling two axis linkage to realize measuring involute gear ,achieves the whol e section’s error m easuring of the whole involute gear surface around.

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