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Analysis model based on BP seafood export risks

Author LiYanHong
Tutor WuYuQiang
School Qufu Normal University
Course Control Theory and Control Engineering
Keywords HACCP fuzzy evaluation BP neural network Matlab risk analysis
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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The safety problem of marine food export gained growing concern in recent years, on onehand, under the policy of striving to develop marine economy, the export amount of marine foodin coastal economic system process enterprise shows gradually increase tendency, and thecontradiction of external food trade has begun to be protruding day after day; on the other hand,with the rising requirement of import food quality by the importable countries and developmentof the method of test and quarantine, the requirement of the food export enterprise is enhanced.The conventional "qualified" and "unqualified" determined conclusion, has been incapable tomeet the content; to conduct sampled test and quarantine scientifically, and guarantee the qualityof export marine food, and prevent inferior quality from affecting the export of products andresulting in economical loss, and build Matlab model and develop related control system, is oneof the valid means for problem solution.This dissertation made use of BP nerve net setting up a marine food Matlab model. BPnerve net has strong robustness,fault tolerance,and self-study ability, is very fit for input factorthat having complication, nonlinearity and mutuality. The whole procedure can be divided intofour parts, promoting layer upon layer. The first part is damage analysis and HACCP materialanalysis, assessing from the management system and control angle, HACCP is composed of thetwo main parts of damage analysis and key control point, and introduced seven fundamental; thesecond part is to apply vague comprehensive evaluate method to confirm influential element,which is a kind of decision method of evaluating diverse subjective elements with certainstandard; the third part is to build model and study arithmetic for influential element, whichadopt BP nerve net arithmetic that added Momentum factors for arithmetic study; and the fourthpart is to conduct software simulation to theoretical results. The whole process adopts themethod of combining theory and practice to correct the model, and the whole system is realizedby the joint reorganize of VS2008and Matlab.This issue is set of the marine food export by Departure and Entry Department in Rizhao toprobe the risk analysis model. This article introduced the theory of mathematical statistics, nervenet and supporting vector machine into the quality assessment area of export marine food, andadopted improved Propagation Algorithm, associating the control system of risk analysis and key control point, to build export risk model of marine food and develop relevant simulation softwareby tremendous analyzing and model building of CCP statistic, then simulate model for imputingstatistic by several feedback, and ultimately come up with the conclusion of risk analysis. Itprovides the marine food export risk analysis with an objective accordance. The centre ideal is tochange the determined conclusion of the present test result, and quantify them, and to give riskdegrees with numerical mode, making the result satisfy scientificalness, by which to meet thediverse demands of different import countries, meanwhile the analysis of current statisticenhanced the timeliness of inspection and quarantine further, and solved this problem perfectly.

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