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Study on garment fabric longevity cotton fiber structure, properties and based on dyeing

Author XiongGao
Tutor YiChangHai
School Wuhan Textile University
Course Textile Science and Engineering
Keywords Changsheng cotton thermal degradation indigo sodium hydrosulfite thioureadioxide
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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There are many superior properties of Changsheng cotton,but few scholars have st-udied its nature and applications systematically.This paper included three contents:basic properties,thermal stability and dyeing using indigo of Changs-heng cotton fiber.Firstly,observed its horizontal and lengthwise microstructure by SEM method; anal-yzed its composition by FT-IR and chemical method;usd XRD method to get its degre-e of crystallinity;measured its length,fineness,intensity and Micronaire scale;and compa-red the difference of these properties between Changsheng cotton and medium staple c-otton.Thermal degradation behavior and kinetics of Changsheng cotton fiber were invest-igated by thermogravimetric analysis (TG) and differential thermogravimetric analysis (DTG) at different heating rates under highly purity N2.The thermal degradation kinetic-parameters were determined using Flynn-Wall-Ozawa and Coast-Redfern methods,which established its kinetic equation (S9,n=1/3,f(a)=3(1-a)3/2(0.20≤a≤0.8)) and isothermal kinetic model (d a/d t=9.90X109×e-18410/RT(1-a)3/2(0.20≤a≤0.80)) of the major de-gradation process through selecting different thermal degradation mechanisms.The model obtained could describe the decomposition behaviour of Changsheng cotton fiber.The studies on dyeing of Changsheng cotton using indigo consists:using sodium hydrosulfite and thiourea dioxide as reducing agents,indigo dye concentration lg/L,inv-estigated different factors to influnce the potential and dyeing properties(K/S and rate of dye-uptake), such as concentration of reducing agent, sodium hydroxide and reducin g temperature and so on.Then compared the reducing nature of two reducing agent.An d obtained the optimum technique:sodium hydrosulfite2.Og/L,sodium hydroxide10g/L,d-yeing time8min;thiourea dioxide1.5g/L,sodium hydroxide15g/L,dyeing time6min.

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