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Research on the Water Holding Capacity of the Sorbitol in Sausage

Author ZuoXiaoLei
Tutor ZuoYanJun
School Jiangnan University
Course Agricultural Products Processing and Storage
Keywords sausage phosphorus-free water holding agents sorbitol nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR)
CLC TS251.65
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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The meat industry has a rapid development from 1990 in our country. The gross annual value and consumption value jumped to the top in the world and maintained for many years. The sausage is very popular during the history as one of the most kind of meat products. The research was about the phosphorus-free water holding agents which were used in the two kinds of important and fruitful sausages: smoked sausage and fermented sausage. The main work in this paper was concluded as follows:First, four phosphorus-free water holding agents (sodium alginate, sodium citrate, sodium bicarbonate, sorbitol) were put into the smoked sausage. Their effects on the water holding capacity, water content and water activity of smoked sausage were researched. The effects of four phosphorus-free water holding agents and complex-phosphate on the water holding capacity were contrasted. The results showed that: the water holding capacity can be modified by all of the four water holding agents; in addition, the sorbitol can reduce the Aw which is beneficial to the storability of the products .So the sorbitol can be used as an excellent water holding agent.Second, the water holding capacity of the sorbitol was analyzed by NMR. The water holding capacity of meat means the ability to keep the water which is in their internal system and also the water from outside. The ability of sorbitol to keep the water from outside was researched in cured meat. And the ability to keep the water in internal system was researched in fermented sausage. For there is a long period of fermentation and drying process during the production of fermented sausage, the distribution and changes of constitutional water, immobilized water and free water were studied by NMR. The results showed: the addition of sorbitol can help keep the water both from the outside and internal system themselves. And the sorbitol can reduce the water activity at the same processing time.Finally, the effect of sorbitol on the production period, production yield, water content and quality of fermented sausage were researched. The research showed that: 10% of sorbitol addition can reduce the drying time from 25.3 h to 10.8 h when all the samples final water activity is 0.87,the water content increased from 36.78% to 38.20%,and the production yield from 75.38% to 93.14%.The TPA results showed the sorbitol can improve the quality and taste of the fermented sausages. 10% sorbitol +1% glycerin+1% propylene glycol and 10% sorbitol+0.5% sodium were put into the fermented sausage which can get a better water holding capacity compared to sample with 10% sorbitol alone. The TG experiment declare that the water that kept by the sorbitol can’t influence the Aw and can’t be used by the microorganism.

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