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The Research of Physicochemical ProPerty and Application of Apricot Pomace Dietary Fiber

Author LiLiang
Tutor YangHaiYan
School Xinjiang Agricultural University
Course Of Food Science
Keywords Apricot pomace Dietary fiber physicochemical properties solid drink tablet
CLC TS255.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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As one of the characteristic fruit in Xinjiang, apricot has been manufactured in a great quantity. In consequence, large number of apricot pomace is produced as by-product during the manufacture process, They have not been used well, instead they turn into animal feeding stuff, that is a tremendous waste.On account of the above situation, this paper is written to provide theoretical basis for the comprehensive utilization of the apricot pomace, for example, the production of solid drinks of high fiber and dietary fiber tablet. To achieve this goal, methods were used to extract dietary fiber form the apricot pomace, and analysis and studies were undertaken regarding the physicochemical propertie of it, based on which was able to use the apricot pomace produced a high fiber solid drink and dietary fiber tablet. And after further study, the formula was selected and the technics were optimized.1.Through the mensuration of the basal composition and morphological structure of apricot pomace dietary fiber, the soluble dietary fiber accounts for5.47%, while insoluble dietary fiber,62.94%. The L*>60, and the b*=16, and the product shows a color of light yellow. The result of scan electron microscope observation is that the structrue of the dirtary fiber is in vasicentric shape with a bared capillary hole.2. The results show that, water swelling capacity, water holding capacity, oil holding capacity are affected by particle size, temperature, pH value. The particle size decreased,The water swelling capacity, water holding capacity, oil holding capacity were increased at first and then decreases slowly; Temperature make the water holding capacity, water swelling capacity and oil holding capacity increased; These capacity were better in alkaline environment than acid environment. The particle size effect the capacity of cholesterol absorption and glucose block coefficient, The capacity of cholesterol absorption is better in neutral condition than in acidic condition.140heads of dietary fiber powder has a strong ability of glucose dialysis retardation, It can effectively delay in absorption of glucose.3.Select almond powder and dietary fiber as materials, the mixed solid beverage are made with dietary fiber from apricot pomace. Through the single factor and orthogonal experimental analysis,the formula and using method are finally determined:almond powder is8g, dietary fiber is2g, CMC-Na is0.3g, xanthan gum is0.25g, pectin is0.15g. xylitol is6g.citric acid is0.08g,salt is0.3g.4.The best formula of tablet was determined with Dietary fiber powder,microcrystalline cellulose, xylitol as independent variables, Comprehensive index as consideration index in the base of single factor tests.Response Surface Analysis(RSA)was applied to optimize the formula according to the central composite experimental design principles through Design expert8.0. When the Apricot pomace dietary fiber was33.6%, Microerystalline Cellulose quantity was49.3%. the xylitol quantity was8.5%, the magnesium stearate quantity wasl%. At this time, Tablets have smooth surface with refreshing feeling and Uniform colorcan not easily break.

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