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Study on the Application of Glycyrrhiza Residue Fiber in Papermaking Reconstituted Tobacco with Tobacco Fiber

Author XuMan
Tutor TianYingZi
School South China University of Technology
Course Pulp and Paper Engineering
Keywords glycyrrhiza residue tobacco sheet sensory evaluation PY-GC/MS
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Glycyrrhiza waste residue is produced in the process of manufacturer glycyrrhiza extra-ction, glycyrrhiza powder and so on. It not only pollutes the environment but also causeswaste of biological resources. Paper-making tobacco sheet has the characteristics of highquality, low cost, low tar and harm-reduction properties. However, the raw material oftobacco sheet demand exceeds supply. Use glycyrrhiza waste on the tobacco sheet production,there will be some advances, which can efficient utilization of glycyrrhiza, reduce environmetpollution and provide a new kind of raw material for tobacco industry. The dissertationchose the best kind of glycyrrhiza waste residues using in the tobacco sheet, and analyzed thetastes, physical properties and thermal performance of glycyrrhiza-tobacco sheet. It providedthe theory basis for the application of glycyrrhiza waste residue in tobacco industry.The mixed glycyrrhiza wastes were used as raw materials to produce tobacco sheet bypapermaking method. In order to obtain the best sensory evaluation, the impregnation processof licorice wastes was studied. The glycyrrhiza-tobacco sheets were taken the test of sensoryevaluation and physical properties, due to search the best kind of liquorice residue using in thetobacco industry. The ratio of liquorice residue and tobacco in the glycyrrhiza-tobacco sheetswas also studied. The results showed the optimum impregnation condition is30min,70oC,1:12(glycyrrhiza residue:liquid), the best source of liquorice residue is entry7sample and theoptimum ratio of liquorice residue fiber to tobacco powder is8:2.Cigarette combustion would produce large amount of flue gas composition. In order tostudy on the flue gas difference of glycyrrhiza sheet and tobacco sheet, the glycyrrhiza sheet,the optimal proportion of glycyrrhiza and tobacco sheet and the tobacco sheet were tested bygas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS). The results showed that the temperaturehas great influence on the thermal pyrolysis components of sheets; at the high temperaturebenzene compounds and fat hydrocarbons favors easily produced; ketone substances may bethe reason of sweet taste in the liquorice waste.

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