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Inheritance and Change of the Shape of the Folds of the Northern and Southern Dynasties

Author LiuPaiZuo
Tutor FengXu
Course Fine Arts
Keywords Cao clothing effluent The folds Inheritance and Change
CLC TS941.2
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Cao Yi style patterns of the water up first by the North Qi Caozhong founded, alsoknown as "Cao-like", and Zhang Seng Chang-like ", the Wu Daozi" Wu family-like ", ZhouFang Zhou-like "and known as the Chinese art of the four styles." In this thesis, Cao Yi waterin the context of the entire historical development, bearing with variable discussed as therepresentative of the shape of the folds of the Southern and Northern Dynasties era. The thesisis divided into four parts, first is the former pleats shape a brief narrative; thesis is organized,and research methods. Enter the part of the question discussed, including the foreign origin ofthe Cao Yi water pleats shape: Greek art,"Samo Thrace goddess of victory, the Gandhara artin India, Gupta era, Mathura style statues as a representative of the impact of "Yi Cao water"style, discusses the development and changes and style characteristics. These convergence ofartistic style was introduced to China, will have a very big impact on the shape of the folds ofthe Northern and Southern Dynasties. Cao Yi water "style of the third part focuses on behalfof the Central Plains folds of the shape transition, from two aspects."Cao clothing effluent"style pleats shape the emergence and change first is the change of clothing, including thecassock, Hu Fu and traditional praise clothing Bo with "the object of the performance of theconversion of these styles; In addition, the clothing external characteristics of the dynamic ofthe fold shape and density changes of the times pleats shape bearing change. By technicallimitations and lack of calligraphy and painting, in the folds shape, sculpture and painting,painting and calligraphic not synchronized. Whole, these are the Southern and NorthernDynasties era pleats shape as the commitment of the transitional style and change. With thedevelopment of history, Cao Yi water "style folds are still wide-ranging implications, theconclusion of the paper is to discuss this aspect, reveal the commitment and change of Cao Yiwater from its future generations affect the value and significance, and further reveal Cao Yiwater "style pleats shape the commitment and change.

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