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Research on Model Andapplication of Railway Rescue Center Location

Author WuYanHua
Tutor WangFuZhang
School China Academy of Railway Sciences
Course Traffic Information Engineering \u0026 Control
Keywords railway rescue center hierarchical service location model multi-objectivemodel application method
CLC U298.6
Type PhD thesis
Year 2012
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It’s become the key point of emergency process management how to strengthenpreparation and prevention, because people keep watching the work of railway emergencymanagement. Railway Rescue Center (RRC) is the main place of storing and managingrailway emergency resources, and has broader impact to the whole railway emergency rescue.It is the important part to improve the railway prior management and emergency servicecapabilities which setting RRC scientifically and reasonably. We have settled problemsincluding analysis, modeling, solving, application and verification of RRC hierarchicallocation theory through survey, questionnaire, literature review and simulation in this paper.The main research works are as follows:(1) We realized the research and development status of location theory comprehensivelyand analysised the difference of railway rescue resources according to the organizationcharacteristics and current rescue status of Chinese railway. Then the construction idea ofhierarchical RRC network for responding different incidents, storing different resources andservicing different rescue needs was put forward, the bub and fast RRC are the nodes of theRRC network.(2) The RRC hierarchical programming location model was put forward based on theconstruction idea of hierarchical RRC network and Set Covering Model, this model isproposed to meet the programming needs of RRC development, and the RRC hierarchicaloptimization location model for the optimization needs of RRC development based on theconstruction idea of hierarchical RRC network and Maximal Covering Model. After that, AntColony Algorithm, one of the intelligent heuristic algorithms was applicated to solve themodel. The method of pheromone update and expression of heuristic function were changedto fit for the location models.(3) The influencing factors which affect the abstract of RRC location models wereextracted, and the measurement standard of each factor was determined. Then, the generalabstract method based on Gray Relational Analysis(GRA) for rescue service demand nodewas suggested, in which we decided weights of each factors by GRA and the railwayhistorical incident records were the data in this method. The method based on AnalyticHierarchy Process(AHP) and Theory of Quantification for potential RRC site was suggested,in which we decided weights of each factors by AHP and the railway rescue expert’squestionnaires were the data in this method. The method based on Linear Referencing for connecting paths with demand node and potential RRC site was suggested, the railwaygeographic information and the mileage information of railway line are the data in thismethod.(4) The hierarchical location models for Nanchang Railway Bureau were applied basedon the abstract method and the basic data of Nanchang. Then, the models were solved by AntColony Algorithm, and the comparison between the models’ solutions and the current statuswere carried out in the aspect of construction cost, risk coverage, overall average responsetime, maximum and minimum average response time.The conclusion that RRC hierarchical location models can meet the RRC location needsvery well in china was drawn through the application and verification of location models. Inthe same time, the RRC hierarchical location theory enriches the study about rescue centerand emergency management in Chinese railway.

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