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Natural Disaster Emergency Management Linkage Mechanism Research

Author HuZhan
Tutor WangMin
School Hunan Normal University
Course Administration
Keywords 2008Hunan ice storm Emergency Management Linkagemechanism
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Since the beginning of this century, the global climate system to warming as the main feature change become increasingly significant, had a profound impact on the survival and development of human society. In the context of global warming, extreme weather and climate in the21st century, more frequent and widespread. China is one of the characteristics of global warming the most significant national, but also by the threat of natural disasters, the most serious one of the countries in the world. Into the late20th century, the harm caused by natural disasters. Not only caused heavy casualties and huge economic losses, but also have a significant impact on social harmony and stability. To withstand natural disasters, deal with climate change, and the rational use of natural resources and promoting the harmonious development of man and nature has become the major issues of development of human society must face. The scientific concept of development, the development of coordination between mankind and nature. Prevention of natural disasters is an important way to achieve economic, social and natural coordination. How to strengthen the mechanism of development of major natural disasters, improve the defense capabilities of natural disasters, and how to strengthen the linkage system of emergency management and mechanisms to improve the prevention and disposal of major natural disasters, to ensure the safety of people’s lives and property, to ensure sustainable economic and social development. is indeed a worthy ponder the question. In2008, a rare snow and ice storms swept through most parts of the province and the south, causing huge casualties and economic losses. Although the government and the community to unite closely and strictly in accordance with the relevant emergency laws and regulations, closely around the construction of the "case" system, in close collaboration with the great achievements made obvious. Existing natural disaster emergency management linkage mechanism are still there are many defects and shortcomings, this article based on the2008ice storm case reality in Hunan, combined with the theory exposed the lack of performance in the emergency management linkage mechanism, because, as well as to optimize countermeasures are discussed in detail.The full text is divided into four parts:The first part is an introduction, which discusses the topics of research background, significance and domestic and international research status and research ideas and methods.The second part explains the Emergency Management Institute of linkage mechanism includes the theoretical basis. Including the connotation of the linkage mechanism, the connotation of the linkage mechanism of natural disasters, emergency management, and the linkage mechanism constitute an early warning mechanism, the decision and command mechanisms, coordination mechanisms and information exchange mechanism.The third part of a detailed description of the problems exposed by the linkage mechanism2008Hunan ice storm emergency management, disaster early warning mechanism is seriously lagging behind the emergency plan mechanisms no effect, the decision and command system inefficiencies, lack of coordination mechanisms between all localities and departments do not form a joint force, information communication mechanism failure. Analysis of a problem with the detailed reasons:lack of knowledge on natural disasters is not in place, do not realize that was the situation has become very serious warning departments and decision-making is not doing their due responsibilities. The original plans exist on paper, the operability is poor, related to already poor contact, the lack of mutual communication platforms and mechanisms.Part IV of Chapter III analyzes the linkage mechanism, poor emergency management reasons, proposed several countermeasures, including:1, and improve the natural disaster early warning mechanisms, to take preventive prior.2, the focus on promoting the system of plans for the building, improve the organizational system of the natural disaster emergency management linkage.4, to establish an effective communication platform.

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