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The suburbs of Beijing ecological environment construction of index system

Author GaoXiuQing
Tutor ChenHongHan; MaJunZhe
School Chinese Geology University (Beijing)
Course Environmental Engineering
Keywords Beijing suburb ecological environment construction index system
CLC X171.4
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Beijing as a national political, economic, cultural center and an international metropolitancity, the bearing capacity and the environment are challenged by the social consequences of highspeed development. At present, the Beijing suburbs ecological situation is grim. The coexistenceof point source pollution and non-point source pollution, domestic pollution and industrialpollution superimposed intertwined old pollution and secondary pollution, all those have becomea great obstacle to urban-rural integration process. The deterioration of the ecologicalenvironment and natural resource degradation is inevitable, so ecological security problem hasattached high attention of Beijing municipal government. In the whole social economicconstruction as the center of the environment, the protection of the ecological environment in thegovernment’s policy support and financial investment situation, make an overall planning andmanagement truly feasible. In the face of the destruction of the ecological environment takingtemporary interests and the protection and construction of ecological environment to achieveharmony between man and nature of the conflict, the cut-in point of the policy should beconsidered in the influence of ecological environment on the basis of various factors, to measurethe degree of ecological environment construction and timely formulate related to the prevention,control and compensation measures to inspire people and ecological environment constructionprotection motivation, grasp the construction of the ecological environment, promoting regionalindustrial structural adjustment, make mandatory policy of controlling the destruction ofecological environment.The construction of ecological environment evaluation, various functional departmentshave their own standards, the lack of a comprehensive, systematic, objective measure.According to the Beijing suburb of infrastructure, research results of rural public service,rural basic features, regional function division, industry characteristics, ecological functions andbasic ecosystem services and ecological security pattern, the relationship between the relevantresearch results at home and abroad, relevant departments issued a similar evaluation standardand related topics, to determine the ecological environment construction measures, define a classindex3, two index9, three index36, expounds the meaning of each index, calculation method.Using analytic hierarchy process (AHP) and fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method of indexeswere reclassified, and in related research and data collection based on weight distribution of eachindex, the various indicators for scientific adjustment, thereby establishing the index system ofecological environment construction in Beijing suburbs. On the basis of the regionaldevelopment and the characteristics of the city ecological environment contribution degree, to determine the weight of each factor, reach on the outskirts of Beijing ecological environmentconstruction process can be dynamic monitoring, measurement and evaluation of effectiveconstruction achievement. For the government decision-making departments to formulate therelated policy, measure of suburb ecological environment construction and provide reference forecological environment compensation.

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