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Evaluation of the Farmland Ecosystem Services in Jiangsu Provinc

Author YangXueMei
Tutor BianXinMin
School Nanjing Agricultural College
Course Ecology
Keywords JiangSu Province Farmland ecosystem Ecosystem Service Evaluation
CLC S181
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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The research of ecosystem service has become a hot topic in Ecology in recent years. Using the concept of ecosystem services to re-examine the relationship between man and nature, the ecosystems especially the agro-ecological system closely related to human, is essential for human survival and life. As the basis for the development of human society, farmland ecosystem service has practical and far-reaching influence to sustainable human development. It not only features a highly efficient products and services for human survival and development of a solid material foundation and food security, but also has environmental service and tremendous human being. However, due to people’s farmland ecosystem services and their lack of understanding or the neglect of great benefit, so that human development and utilization of farmland in the existence of short-term, farmland ecosystem in the process of food production on the environment such as greenhouse gas Emissions, point source pollution and other damage caused serious damage to the ecological environment, a direct threat to the sustainable development of agriculture.Only then conducts the deep research to the field ecosystem service function and the value, can fundamentally know that the understanding, the science appraisal, the reasonable regulation and the sustainable use field ecosystem service function, Grasps the agricultural sustainable condition, simultaneously provides the scientific basis for the government and the policy-makers using the resources reasonably and making the correct decision-making, reduces and avoids the short-term economic activities of harming the ecosystem service function, causes the field ecosystem providing a bigger effectiveness for humanity’s survival and the sustainable development.1. Based on the value assessment method of Ecosystem Service, we used Food Security, Nutrient Loss, Greenhouse gas Emissions, Eutrophication of water purification and water storage as the main content, and Rice, Wheat, Corn, Soybean, Cotton, Rape, Vegetables as evaluation of crop to evaluate the farmland ecosystem in JiangSu Province. The results show that farmland ecosystem provides an average overall service value of56751.48RMB·hm-2·a-1and provides the total value of1188.28billion yuan·a-1, on the basis of existing evaluation crops and methods.2. Jiangsu Province grain crops have made the tremendous contribution in the safeguard food security aspect, the unit area food security value achieves67518.36RMB·hm-2·a-1, the field ecosystem self-control water source’s value is similarly very considerable, the unit area service value achieves50651.81RMB·hm-2·a-1, the water body purification value mainly manifests in the rice paddy, the dry crops do not have the water body purification value. But the farmland nutrient outflow as well as the greenhouse gas emissions, has brought the huge negative valence value for the field ecosystem, the agricultural chemicals, the chemical fertilizer and so on using has produces the negative influence for the field ecosystem nutrient outflow and the greenhouse gas emissions, reduced the field ecosystem service function total value finally.3. China’s agro-ecological compensation policy to encourage and guide farmers to adopt environmentally friendly production technology, improve efficiency of resource use, improve the quality of agricultural products, reducing the negative value of farmland ecosystems, for the treatment of agricultural non-point source pollution, improve agricultural production and rural Living environment is important.Our country adopts the agricultural ecology compensation policy, encourages and guides the farmer to use the environment friendly production technology, raises the resources use efficiency, improves the agricultural product quality, reduces field ecosystem’s negative valence value, for the treatment of agricultural non-point source pollution, improve agricultural production and rural Living environment is important.

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