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The Influence of Water Management on Growth and Cadmium Uptaking of Water Dropwort

Author DiGuangJuan
Tutor ZhangYinLong
School Nanjing Forestry University
Course Ecology
Keywords Onanthe ajvanica CadmiumPollution Water management Accumulation andtranslocation Genotypic Variation
CLC S645
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Water dropwort (Oenanthe stolonifera D.C.) is a type of wild aquatic vegetables. Due to itshigher nutritional and medicinal value, Water dropwort is well received by consumers. In theface of increasingly scarce water resources, water dropwort cultivation is also from traditionalhydroponic to dryland cultivation. Under the serious situation of heavy metal pollution infarmland of China, whether the different Water Managements of Water dropwort will affecttheir accumulation of heavy metals and cause the food safety risks. And whether there issignificant difference of absorption and accumulation of heavy metals in different Waterdropworts.This paper simulates four different concentrations of cadmium pollution soil and set up threekinds of different water management patterns (the whole incubation period of floodingtreatment, intermittent flooding treatment, wet treatment).Under these different treatments,we observed the Cd accumulation characteristics and Genotypic variation of the four Waterdropwort genotypes(Wuxi、Yangzhou、Changshu、Yixing Water dropwort).The purpose is to studywhich water Management will reduce the edible parts Cd contofent of Water dropwort、screen thelow-Cd accumulation genotypica and ensure the Edible safety of Water dropwort.The main results are as follows:1.The evaluation results of Water dropwort and soil metal pollution risk in the main Waterdropwort producing area of jiangsu show:Only the soil of Changzhou sampling area is at a safe level,the others all exist differentdegrees of soil metal pollution. Cadmium pollution phenomenon is the serious one of thesedifferent soil metal pollutions.The edible security results of Water dropwort which collect fromthe zone exceed the standard rate of26.7%,It is worthy to concern with the soil environment andthe quality of Water dropwort;2. Different water treatment on the accumulation of cadmium of four varieties Waterdropwort show:(1)Under the different concentrations of soil cadmium pollution,the four varieties Waterdropwort all show that complete fertility period flood treatment will reduce their accumulation ofcadmium;(2)Different water treatment can significantly change the dry weight and activity ofantioxidant enzymes of Water dropwort. Yang zhou Water dropwort and Yixing Water dropwortneed little water,So they can adapt to dry farming;(3)The correlation analysis of Cadmium content、above ground biomass、soil pH value and available Cd shows that the correlation coefficient among available Cd content in soi、pH andabove ground cadmium content of Water dropwort were0.8855,0.5994. It reached a significantlevel.Available Cd of soil and soil pH is the main factors which influence the absorption ofcadmium of water dropwort;3.The result of cadmium accumulation characteristics in different varieties Water dropwortshow that:(1)Expect Yangzhou Water dropwort,the bioaccumulation factors (BFs) of other varietiesWater dropwort are all more than1.0.But the translocation factors (TFs) is low so the theabsorption of cadmium are mostly accumulated in the roots;(2)Under the1.0mg/kg cadmium concentration, Yangzhou Water dropwort grows welland its dry weight did not significantly reduce under the cadmium stress. The bioaccumulationfactors (BFs) and the translocation factors (TFs) of Yangzhou Water dropwort is lower than theother varieties Water dropwort. Its value is less than1. So it meet the requirements of lowconcentration plant in low concentration Cd pollution area. It is worthy to develop and utilize.

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