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Modified Biological Activated Carbon Filter Except Nitrogen Research of Efficiency and the Mechanism

Author GongLinLin
Tutor RenZhiJun
School Harbin Engineering University
Course Disaster Prevention and Reduction Engineering and Protective Engineering
Keywords ammonia nitrogen biological activated carbon modified low temperature
CLC X703
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Water pollution problem becomes more and more serious in our country, especially thewater body of ammonia nitrogen pollution to the safe drinking water constitute a threat. Atpresent, ammonia nitrogen pollution for micro source water, a lot of research shows thatbiological activated carbon filter process is a effective way to deal with the economy. Thispaper studies the effect of load iron metal modification method, then of modified activatedsurface of the chemical and physical properties are analyzed, and the application in treatmentof ammonia nitrogen low temperature slightly polluted raw water.The experiment using immersion method load iron and made a series of orthogonalpreparation conditions in iron modification of activated carbon, through to the ammonianitrogen static adsorption and SPSS statistical software curve calculation and analysis the bestload conditions: nitric acid pickling liquid iron concentration1.5mol/L, pH value is neutral,and the diffusion conditions of ultrasonic frequency45Hz dipping under150min, and then inconstant temperature oscillation in bed with100r/min speed oscillation and h. Themodification of the activated carbon use environment scanning electron microscope, Zetapotential, and specific surface area, analysis and XRD analysis method was also investigated.The results show that the modified activated surface to form a layer of discrete solidmembrane, the surface roughness change, especially the ultrasonic impregnation methodcarbon surface modification of iron oxides distribution more uniformly; Modified activatedsurface has positive charge, is more advantageous to the bacteria to; Modified activatedsurface area than increase, especially ultrasound impregnation method of activated carbonmodification; Modified activated carbon surface formation Fe2O3membrane.The modified activated carbon used in processing the low-temperature ammoniamicro-polluted water, and compared with activated carbon before the modification, you canget the following conclusion: the modified biological activated carbon filtration columncompared to the unmodified, organic matter and NH4+-Nremoval of ammonia nitrogenremoval rate of up to about81%; modified biological activated carbon filter nitrifyingbacteria in the column activity, and greatly increase the number of microorganisms thanbefore modified activated carbon;the runtime of the modified activated carbon formed on thesurface of filamentous bacteria, microbial membrane attached to the more solid; modified activated carbon filter column, both full nitrification and denitrification, partial nitrificationand denitrification process.

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