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Under the Background of High School STS Organic Chemistry Experiment Teaching Value Research

Author WangXiaoYan
Tutor HeQingLin
School Northeast Normal University
Course Subject Teaching
Keywords STS high school organic chemistry experiment The new curriculum standard teaching value
CLC G633.8
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Experimental teaching is both a key and a difficulty in middle school chemistry teaching . STS education is a new scientific education mode of the formation in the new curriculum reform, also constantly penetration in the chemistry experiment teaching, it has become an important value direction in the chemistry experiment teaching.In this paper, we analyzed high school organic chemistry experiment teaching value under the background in the STS, the actuality were investigated, the result is: the status of new textbooks organic chemistry experiment teaching is not optimistic, the primary difficulty is the experiment concept in textbooks could not be finished each, different school teachers have different views to this problem, some think school hardware facilities is not complete, some blame their little teaching time, instead of analysis their own reasons; secondly, parts of teachers can not thoroughly understand the new textbooks experiment settings concept and teaching value itself, whether the experiment in textbooks all needed to be done and has higher teaching value.This paper mainly adopts literature, comparative research and questionnaire investigation method, high school organic experimental system were induced from the curriculum level and textbooks level, we longitudinal compared the experimental teaching value, at the same time, we investigated the plan of the implementation process of the organic experiment in o ’clock textbooks, did cause analysis to high or low plan, our survey also received the evaluation of teachers to the experimental teaching value, according to teaching value discretion classification, it will guide teachers in grasping the new textbooks experiment teaching value and help them to analyze a single experiment teaching value, we further specify the important position of the organic experiment in the whole chemistry teaching. to give teachers advice and reference in their organic experimental teaching. finally, author propose three conclusions, 1. overall analysis teaching value of the organic experiment can better guidance experimental teaching, and improve the organic chemistry teaching quality; 2. the experimental teaching practically is the premise of realizing experimental teaching value; 3. the teaching value realization is not the end of teaching and learning, but the student ability raise approach.

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