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The Research of Human Resource Management in High Technology Enterprise

Author TangRuoZuo
Tutor ZhaoXinYan
School Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
Course Business Administration
Keywords The High-tech enterprise Human Resource management Improvement of the Human Resource System
CLC F272.92
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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With the development of our marketing economies and improvement of the market mechanism, the competition between the enterprises is becoming more and more serious. The core of competition is the talents. But due to the old human resource mechanism in many Chinese enterprises, the human resources management still stays on the technical phase; as a result, the role of human resources management has not been developed yet.In the whole world, the development and practice of knowledge-based economy has repeatedly proved that, as high-tech enterprises increasingly rely on enterprise staffs knowledge and skills, pay more attention to the enterprise research and development, and pay more attention to the construction of market development, the enterprise assets will be more immaterialized. But the essence of immaterialization is that enterprise business advantage no longer depends on just physical capital and financial capital, but depends on knowledge capital, and in the final analysis, it depends on the human resources management and development, which has basically become social universal consensus and guiding principle.The essence of the core of enterprise management is human resources management. Because human resource is the direct creator of enterprise value, enterprises benefit from subjective initiative of human resources, that through the creative work of human resources, the human resources have experience, skills, such as the combination of physical assets and enterprise financial assets and converted to enterprise needs of great value. But the problem is:the creative employees of the enterprise are highly uncertain business assets, and their subjective initiatives significantly increase the enterprise management complexity and difficulty.High-tech enterprise staffs belongs communities that pursue autonomy, diversification and innovation spirit, and they pursue satisfaction from job itself. Specifically, they have the following five features:strong autonomy, strong sense of achievement, strong intend of flowing, creative of work content, and working process difficult to supervise, these characteristics makes the human resource management has its two sides feature, if managing appropriate, it can greatly enhance core competitiveness of enterprises, establish the competitive advantage of enterprises, promote enterprise development, create more value. Conversely, if the management is improper, enterprise employees will lack of cohesion, causing loss enterprise talented people. Especially at present our country enterprise core competence in protection of the laws and regulations in absence relatively serious, core staff job-hopping phenomenon is everywhere, which causes the enterprise into a business difficulties. Therefore, the human resources management priority is how to give full play to employee’s competence and employees create more enterprise value.On the basis of analyzing the current high-tech enterprise human resources, this paper analyzes the common characteristics and existing problems of current high-tech enterprise human resources. Based on case of A company, the paper deeply studies and analyzes the present situation, the existence question and causes of problems of A enterprise. And combined with A company’s human resources issues and characteristics, the paper puts forward some ideas and countermeasures to improve performance evaluation mechanism, compensation and incentive mechanism, training development mechanism and gradually establish scientific and effective human resource management system.

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