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Study on the Assessment of Environmental Quality and Antipollution Capacity of the Groundwater in the Key Areas of Songyuan City Reaches of Songhua River

Author LinHongYi
Tutor HongMei; WangYanLiang
School Jilin University
Course Environmental Engineering
Keywords the Songhua River groundwater the assessment of quality antipollution capacity
CLC X824
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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The ground water in key sections of the Songhua River is the main sources of drinkingwater for rural residents, if the water quality gets bad, it will affect people’s health directly.So,we must assess the current situation of the ground water in key sections of Songyuan river,sustainable development and utilization of the groundwater in key sections of Songyuan rivercan not only provide the basis for the mechanism and prevention of groundwaterpollution,but also promote the development of social and economic, it has important practicaland historical significance.In this paper, we investigated the geographic and social development of Songyuan, andwe analysis the feature of hydrogeological and the utilization of contaminated land,weanalysis the characteristics of organic chemistry and inorganic chemical and collected16water samples from different regions to analysis the pollution of groundwater, we select somefactor include depth, lithology and thickness of vadose zone and the thickness of the aquiferbased on factors of groundwater vulnerability. We divided Songyuan into four zones toevaluate the groundwater vulnerability by using DRTA model.Though the investigation and evaluation of groundwater pollution we found that thegroundwater quality is overall poor which we surveyed, the groundwater quality is poorer inmost of the regional, distribution area are273.62km2, it’s97.53%of the survey area;in someregional, the groundwater quality is poorest, the distribution area are6.94km2, it’s2.47%ofthe survey area.There are81.2%samples of Fe,56.2%of NH4+,31.2%of total hardness,31.2%of Mn, salinity, As, Cl-, NO3-,6.25%of SO42-、COD、Mn2+and Al3+and so on reachedthe standard of classV, The index of water sample above has reached more than IV class are93.75-6.25%. Combinate with the performance of pollution prevention, status quo andgroundwater quality and the situation of development and utilization of groundwater.Weplanned five pollution prevention areas: protection area of important groundwater source,protection zone of repair governance, important protection zone, general protection zone,natural protection zone.

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