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The Integrated Health Assess of River Ecosystem in Liaohe River Basin of Liaoning Provice

Author LvChunJian
Tutor LiFaYun
School Liaoning University
Course Environmental Science
Keywords Liaohe river basin the third level aquatic eco-functional zoning Healthevaluation index system Comprehensive health evaluation
CLC X824
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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The river is an important component of the terrestrial freshwater ecosystem, isthe birthplace of human civilization. Unreasonable and uncontrolled exploitation,leading to the river ecosystem has been badly disturbed, ecological and servicefunction degradated obviously, serious impact on people’s daily life, caused the highattention of government and society. Therefore, carry out the study of riverecosystem health and research, put forward the corresponding scientific basis andmeasures of ecological repairments, is necessary for the water environmentmanagement.Liaohe River Basin has vast area and were polluted serious, is one of the keygovernance of China’s rivers. Based on the the third level aquatic eco-functionalzoning in Liaohe River Basin of Liaoning Province, health theory and evaluationmethod of river ecosystem were studied.(1) the partition theory, method and results of the the third level aquaticeco-functional zoning in Liaohe River Basin of Liaoning Province are explained andanalyzed deeply, according to the distribution characteristics of spatial watershed,through remote sensing (RS) and geographical information system (GIS),based onthe first and second level aquatic eco-functional zoning, the Liaohe River Basin ofLiaoning province are divided into90the third level aquatic eco-functional zoning.(2) according to the water ecological investigation and monitoring data in recentyears and the consult of literature and relevant materials, constructied the healthevaluation index system covers the physical, chemical, biological factores. Using theprincipal component analysis method and correlation analysis method to optimize theevaluation index, which incluedes TN, TP, CODcr, BOD5, DO, habitat index,hydrological index, DAA, B-IBI, a total of9indicators, constitute the rivercomprehensive evaluation health indicators system.(3) used the comprehensive health index method, the river health were dividedinto "health","sub-health""general","poor" and "poor"5grades, The evaluate resultsshow that, the Liaohe River Basin of Liaoning Province, in the90the third levelaquatic eco-functional zoning,8reached "healthy" level.39achieved the "sub-healthy level",31reached the " general " level,5reached the " general" level,7reached the "sick" level. The overall healthy levels of Liaohe River zoning graduallydeteriorated, from the source of the river to downstream. Discharge of industry andagricultural production pollution and domestic pollution was the primary factorimpacting the river health.(4) analyzed the relationship between DO, CODcr, BOD5, TP, TN, EC, SS7water quality indexes and the river health, the results showed that higher organicmatter and nutrient content in Liaohe River Basin of Liaoning Province.

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