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Wild Duck Lake Wetland Ecological Environmental Quality Assessment Based on3S Technology

Author SuShunQian
Tutor WuLiangCai
Course Cartography and Geographic Information Systems
Keywords 3S Technology Wild duck lake wetland Ecological environmental qualityassessment The analytic hierarchy proces
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Wetland is a transitional zone between terrestrial ecosystems and aquatic ecosystems,it is widely distributed around the world, it has a strong ecological purification function,important in the formation of biological diversity on the planet a unique, features a varietyof ecosystems in the balance of the ecosystem plays a very important role in the kidney ofthe earth reputation. Wild Duck Lake Wetland Nature Reserve the Beijing provincial andmunicipal wetland nature reserve is the largest in North China, Beijing, the capital only abird wetland nature reserve.3S technology is generally referred to as the three GPS, RS, GIS technology. Today’ssociety,3S technology integration, integrated application to multiple fields of scientificresearch has been increasing depth.3S technology is applied to the investigation ofwetland resources, wetland ecology, environmental monitoring and wetland ecologicalenvironment quality evaluation, environmental recovery and reconstruction as well as theprotection of degraded wetlands, is the frontier of today’s domestic and foreign scientificresearch on Wetlands.The spatial pattern of wetland eco-environmental quality assessment needs to reflectthe status of ecological environment of wetland, and the evaluation of wetlandeco-environmental quality will involve a variety of environmental factors, multi-level.AHP comprehensive evaluation method in multiple elements, the multi-level problem hasunique superiority analysis, and analysis of3S technology in space and the uniquepowerful function. Therefore, the analytical hierarchy process combined with3Stechnology applied in the wild duck lake wetland ecological environment qualityevaluation, can give full play to the two strengths and advantages, it can greatly improvethe effect and the level of wild duck lake wetland ecological environment qualityevaluation, but also to better serve the ecological environment in wetland restoration and reconstruction work.The papers based on wetland eco-environment quality evaluation in the course,evaluation factors and evaluation of factors to obtain process and certain principles,established based on the3S technologies Wild Duck Lake wetland eco-environmentquality evaluation index system of tiered, studied the use of3S technology gets Wild DuckLake wetland eco-environment in data technology. Using levels analysis law in the of andlaw on ducks Lake wetland of ecological environment system of status for has analysis andevaluation, and in on ducks Lake wetland status of understanding and evaluation results ofanalysis Shang, on ducks Lake wetland natural ecological reserves of features partition forhas simple of again planning design, and on has degradation has of ducks Lake wetland ofrecovery and reconstruction work of design and planning expression has I of some viewsand recommends.

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