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Study on Design of Everyday-life Products in the Application of Extras

Author GaoZuoCheng
Tutor WeiJia
School Shandong Institute of Light Industry
Course Art of Design
Keywords Everyday-life Products Additional Features Product Design ProductPerformance Trend of design
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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In daily life, our lives are closely related to the daily product to a certain extent,dominates our quality of life. For users in the use of products enjoy the convenience,comfort, even in the use of products, products to the users caused by the surroundingenvironment influence, the product has the function of direct action factor.In order to achieve very good product function, product designers and producerstend to spend a lot of time study. The logarithm of ten design schemes of argumentation,this design method finally meet the user certain aspects of the requirements. Users areoften in a different environment in the use of products, in some particular environment,will be proposed to the product that a higher functional design requirements. Thisaffected by different environmental impact design, can be called function optimizationdesign. A product will face different user groups, how to adapt to different user groups?A product often includes a main body function and additional function. How to give fullplay to the main function and make full use of the additional function, is also a test forproduct design. Often there is the main body of the product is very complete, but theadditional functions of main functional effects are particularly prominent. Whether it isgood or bad influence, we should pay more attention to the additional function.Additional function is to remove the main functions and other functions. This articlethrough to the additional function research, the additional features can be roughlydivided into two categories: One kind is with main function has been associated, themain function is to assist the function; One kind with main function without contact,belonging to the additional function. With the main function of a certain link functionsserve to strengthen the main function, optimization of a supporting role, Better able toshow the product performance and cost-effective. Not linked to the function with themain function, only additional effect on the optimization of product features. For thoughthe latter category of product features is theoretically dispensable. However, The levelof everyday life to the pursuit of continuous improvement. Some products of itsadditional features beyond the inherent meaning of a product must-have feature.The existing lack of analysis, and ultimately hope to facilitate future exploration ofthe daily product design and development.

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