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Application of - dimension conversion principle in product design product shape and material research and Practice

Author ZhangLanTian
Tutor JiangLi; WuYongPing
School Central Academy of Fine Arts
Course Art of Design
Keywords form material interdiscipline dimension conversion artistic temperament material report product design
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Artistic design thinkings reach the materialization by finding their objective existences, extended during the switches of multiple dimensions and defined through this agile transformation. This article is trying to discuss the topic of "dimensional transformation" the intentional transformation process of a core idea undertaken in a physical dimension condition.In product design, the form and the material are the external design elements that can never be ignored. The symbolic recognition of these two builds the first impression toward the product, as well as the first step instruction of its function. The form is an important visual language in product design and the perceptual symbolic language of the product function. It is the art language between the product and its user; the material, as an important element in product design, is the sense factor which excites the emotion toward the product and is the physical carrier of the design intent and the artistic concept. In semiology system, a product’s form and its material are the materialized art language which serves as the communication link between product and its users. The specific language and semantic system carried by the form and the senses brought out by the material require the multidisciplinary cooperation between aesthetic art, symbols, physical structure, synaesthesia, visual psychology, etc. Each line and every inch of texture visualize and materialize the semantic feature of the product. It is the designer’s duty to give the rational content a perceptual expression, and to transform these visual and aesthetic requirements onto the form of the product. Through the matching up of the materials features, the function of the product is deepened and expressed in the specific context. This is also needed in this current developing situation of our society, with the technology already developing to a certain level.This article focuses on form and material as the two major respects to study. It analyses, in the first plance, the current situation of how artists and designers adopt the dimension conversion method; in the second place, it presents a Morphological analysis report delivered by the author of this article. Starting from material collection and form extraction, the report gives a thorough description of the formation process of mottled textures created by nature forces on material’s surface; in the third place, summarize the method principal of morphological dimension conversion and artistic design thinkings; last but not least, a practice in product design using the principal of dimension conversion studied and concluded in this article and try to take it as an opportunity to venture on the practice of interdiscipline design. Given the current advancement in both social and technology sections, the cultural function in product design is now taking the lead. Designers should no longer act as the followers to meet people’s need. They need to express their emotional awareness in a more active way and adapt to the rapid social changes by practicing interdiscipline trying. I believe that product designers who’s confident with their own artistic temperament and cultural connotation are the ones that walk in the front. They will lead the public and lead the discussion about life.

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