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Research on Active Control Method of High Acceleration and High Precision Motion Platform’s Residual Vibration

Author LiuNiuNiu
Tutor LiuYanJie
School Harbin Institute of Technology
Course Mechanical and Electronic Engineering
Keywords High acceleration platform residual vibration state feedback wavelet analysis
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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High acceleration and high precision motion platform as a core component ofan IC manufacturing.Its positioning accuracy and stability have a direct impacton the productivity of the IC industry which have great affects on the efficiencyand quality of the bonding.Currently, the chip package is moving toward finepitch, multi-lead, efficient package, under this condition it raquest highacceleration and high precision motion platform have high positioning accuracy,high acceleration and frequent start-stop characteristics. In the process ofpositioning the platform will inevitable produce residual vibration which not onlyaffects the positioning accuracy of the platform but also extend the time ofplatform’s positioning which will inevitably reduce the efficiency of the ICindustry.In order to effectively suppress this residual vibration and improve theplatform’s positioning accuracy we use the state feedback control algorithm tohave a real-time suppress of the platform’s residual vibrations.This paper combined with the national science and technology major special"High speed precision motion systems and control technology", this paper in-depth analysis the characteristics of the residual vibration after the platformpositioning, at the same time this paper have designed the state feedback controlsystem,itseffectiveness of the control algorithm have verificated by experiment.Firstly, this paper established the finite element model take advantage ofANSYS qualitative analysis the XY stage’s inherent vibration characteristics,then create the simplified model which based on the ADAMS analysis make useof the co-simulation of MATLAB and ADAMS to analysis the transient responseof the XY stage’s vibration.Secondly, the paper utilize Lagrange method established the mathematicalmodeling of the XY stage,on this basis obtained its transfer functions thensimplified them, at last select state variable get the state equations then takeadvantage of the controllability finally we acquired the feedback matrix anddesigned the control system.Thirdly, by building the experimental hardware system and control systemwhich based on the dSPACE, then test the platform’s motion characteristics, during the test process we use wavelet analysis method to cancellation the noiseof the acceleration sensor. The experiment result shows that: use the statefeedback method which designed in this paper can efficiently reduce the residualvibration of the Y motion part in10ms to4μm which proved the effectivenessof the method we designed.

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