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Research on SCM control of the Swashplate Axial Piston Pump

Author WangPengYan
Tutor YangFengZuo
School Lanzhou University of Technology
Course Mechanical and Electronic Engineering
Keywords Swashplate axial piston pump SCM Stepper motor
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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With the growing popularity of electromechanical control technology and computerapplications, digital fluid element has broad application prospects as a mechatronic product.Its prominent advantage is the ability to overcome the shortcomings inherent in traditionalanalog control components, such as repeated errors, hysteresis errors, and pooranti-interference ability. It can show adaptability and vitality in terms of automation, energysaving, program control, and flexibility. New digital variable axial piston pump is producedunder this condition. From the trend of the future, development of digital systems will becomethe mainstream of the hydraulic control system.At present, there are still many problems in the digital axial piston variable displacementpump. Therefore, this thesis do some improvements on the basis of their predecessors. Thedigital axial piston variable displacement pump controlled by microcontroller AT89S52, anddrived by stepper motor is proposed. Market into the premise of low-cost microcontroller asthe control core, which greatly reduce the cost of research, and it is facilitate to theproduction and promotion of minor enterprise.This article reviews the digital component research and development at home and abroad;introduces work principle of swashplate axial piston pump controlled by SCM; enriches thesingle-chip drive stepper motor directly; establishes the mathematical model of the swashplateaxial piston pump’s SCM control system, and do anasys on its characterization. Do dynamicsimulation in the MATLAB, and achieved satisfactory results. In theory confirms theswashplate axial piston pump’s single-chip control system works is feasible.The main content of the thesis include: design hardware circuit with AT89S52MCU asthe core, include stepper motor drive circuit, A/D conversion circuit, keyboard and displaycircuit, the watchdog circuit, and so on. The variable adjustment mechanism designed in thistopic using a simple structure, convenient application of bilateral slide valve to be theexecuting agency, greatly simplify the structure of variable, and improve the performance ofdigital pump. So that install variable institutions and SCM systems on an ordinary analogaxial piston pump, it can get a precise control of the digital axial piston variable displacementpump.Therefore, the variable adjustment mechanism disigned in this thesis has simple structure,high control precision, low-cost, and can meet the needs of the market-oriented.

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