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Numerical Simulation of Three-dimension Flow Fields in the Centrifugal Pump

Author QuChunYe
Tutor HanNianZuo
School Taiyuan University of Technology
Course Chemical Process Equipment
Keywords centrifugal pump computational fluid dynamics numerical simulation Density volute tongue
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Using commercial CFD software to solve the practical problems in engineering flow has been the trend of the development of computational fluid dynamics; at the same time, this also greatly promote the rapid development of the numerical simulation. Using the commercial CFD software to solve the practical problems in engineering flow has been the trend of the development of computational fluid dynamics, at the same time, also greatly promotes the rapid development of numerical simulation. The internal flow field in centrifugal pump flow is very complex, its internal turbulent flow numerical simulation can not only understand and grasp the internal complicated flow pattern, also can play a guiding role in optimizing structure of centrifugal pump and improving the performance of hydraulic, has very important practical significance, and can replace a lot of experiments, save a lot of manpower material resources.At present, specifically for the internal flow field in centrifugal pump, numerical simulation research is still in its infancy, as for the centrifugal pump within the whole flow field numerical simulation are much rarer. Given this situation, this paper used numerical simulation software FLUENT to do three-dimensional turbulent numerical simulation of flow field in centrifugal pump, the calculation results were analyzed and studied, to explore its internal flow regularity, and predict the performance of a centrifugal pump, finally the calculated results were compared with the experimental results. Mainly to do the following several aspects:(1) The development history of internal flow field research of centrifugal pump was reviewed, and the basic theory and methods of computational fluid dynamics was introduced in detail, including control equation, turbulence model, all kinds of grid generation technique and boundary conditions.(2) MY56-50type centrifugal pump as the research object to calculate the flow field in this article, all the whole flow field numerical simulation of centrifugal pump was made. Using three-dimensional modeling software PRO/E on each component in the centrifugal pump for3d modeling, then the machine mesh model is imported into the software GAMBIT to grid, finally using FLUENT software to make the numerical calculation, the velocity distribution and pressure distribution under different working conditions was got. Based on the comprehensive comparative analysis of calculation results, and revealed the internal flow of centrifugal pump.(3) Fluid density on the influence of the centrifugal pump performance was analyzed. Using FLUENT software to calculate the density of the five different fluid flow field distribution of the centrifugal pump, it was obtained by the results of numerical simulation analysis of internal three-dimensional flow field of the centrifugal pump has nothing to do with the fluid density.(4) Based on FLUENT simulation software, chose standard k epsilon turbulence models for three flow fields with three different volute tongue shapes of the centrifugal pump are numerically simulated. Through the numerical calculation results show that the volute tongue stretching method and rectangle method can be substitute for volute tongue surface method to simulate the actual construction of volute tongue, but volute tongue stretching method is better than that of rectangle method.

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