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The Hardware Platform Design and Device Dirver Design of Diagnostic Equipment for Endothelial Cell Function

Author LiQingYu
Tutor ZhuCheng
School Jilin University
Course Radio Physics
Keywords Windows CE Device Driver Embedded Endothelial cell ARM
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Cardiovascular disease is a serious threat to mankind, especially in peopleover50years age, it is common disease, even if the application of the mostadvanced, comprehensive treatment, still can have more than50%cerebrovascular accident survivors living but not completely take care ofthemselves! Worldwide each year die from cardiovascular andcerebrovascular diseases, high amounts to15000000, occupy a variety of thefirst cause. Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases have become thehuman causes of death, the highest number one killer, but also people’s health"silent demon"!Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases have" high incidence, highdisability rate, high mortality, high recurrence rate, complication of multiple"characteristic, at present, our patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovasculardiseases have more than270000000people! In our country, nearly3000000people die from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases each year,occupy our country total death causes in51%year. While the patientssurvived75%different levels to lose labor ability,40%heavy residue! Chinesestroke patients discharged from the hospital after the first year of therecurrence rate was30%, fifth years of high recurrence rate of59%. While thetwo grade prevention make better the United States of America is only10%.Because our country medical insurance coverage is small, the recurrence rateof stroke patients is more than1times compared with the international averagelevel!Cardiovascular risk factors through changes in arterial wall structure,property and function and arterial endothelial tissue to harm the arterial systemhealth. Subclinical arterial disease without any symptoms, only theperformance for the arterial wall elasticity, stiffness, not easy to cause thepatient ’s attention, but such subclinical arterial damage situation at least isclosely related to arterial wall elasticity loss and arteriosclerosis accelerated formation.In this paper the reality needs, in the ARM11system based on the hardware,through Windows CE6on embedded system development, using Visual Studio2005as developing a visualization tool, the whole system for research anddevelopment. Development work mainly includes two aspects: endothelialfunction diagnosis instrument hardware platform and endothelial cell functiondiagnosis instrument device driver development. In order to noninvasive pulsewave detection technology on endothelial cell function of evaluation.The present invention includes peripheral circulating blood volume pulsewave digital detecting device, automatic brachial artery pressure device,extensible diagnostic features of the embedded system, the algorithm module,touch screen, print and expand export, overall for portable telephone. Theinvention realizes on flow-mediated case endings of circulating blood volumepulse wave spectrum analysis, and the results of function of endothelial cellhave the very good relevance.

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