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The Study for New Air Amplifier Used in Electrospray Ionization

Author AnZhiQi
Tutor ZouHeZuo
School Dalian University of Technology
Course Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation
Keywords Electrospray ionization Focus Velocity distribution Computational FluidDynamics The new two-stage air amplifier Two-stage voltage input air amplifier
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Recent developments in the electrospray ionization mass spectrometry (ESI-MS) show, that air amplifiers can be utilized to significantly enhance droplet desolation and to focus free gas-phase ions when provided between an electrospray (ES) source and the mass spectrometer (MS). Great disadvantage of traditional air amplifiers is the airflow exit velocity distribution. We design a new type of two-stage air amplifier. The new two-stage air amplifier is formed of a common stage air of the air amplifier (amplifier), and a second stage air of the auxiliary device (amplifier) with the analog comparator to draw a novel air amplifier to improve the outlet airflow velocity distribution. The simulation results quantitatively describe the impact of different sizes the second (amplifying) stage on the velocity distribution of the outlet port of the first stage. Mechanical processing was used to produce a new type of two-stage air amplifier.Here we use the three ways to proved the new type two stage air amplifier on electrospray gathered effect:1, the absolute electrical current, by direct comparison electrical current on negative plate that receive the current of spray;2current transverse comparison method, by measuring the distance to the air current amplifier and get the rate of change of the current of spray to the distance of negative plate to indicate focus effect;3current density longitudinal comparison method, through a special multi-layer negative plate to test the received electrospray ion current density distribution to prove electrospray ion accumulation effect. Current density distribution was evaluated with a counter electrode plate with multilayer design. Through qualitative and quantitative comparison of the input air pressure, the two do not enter the current density distribution of the air pressure diagram and two input current density distribution of the air pressure to explain the role of the two air pressure input, experiments show that the new two air amplifier improve more than double the focusing effect.Moreover we studied the effects of two-level voltage load on the air amplifier, different voltage have different effect for ions focus. We use mechanical processing and laser cutting to produced two level voltage input air amplifier, this article discovered the law of steady-state voltage of secondary voltage in the experiment, and proves that under certain conditions, when the secondary voltage equal to steady state voltage, the best electrospray gather effect can be obtained, electrospray focusing effect can be increased by more than six times.

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