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Research on Automation of Manual Probe Instrument

Author ZhuZuoYing
Tutor WangBaoGuang
School Tianjin University
Course Instrument Science and Technology
Keywords measurement by probe automatic positioning 3d displacement Real-time monitoring
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Packages, testing of Integrated Circuit IC chip are important in IC manufacturingprocess. As the processing technology is more complex and people pay more attentionto the quality of integrated circuit, measurement of the integrated circuit industry hasbecome a indispensable independent link. Automatic probing, as the main testequipment on chip circuit parameters and function test, have a long time on theresearch and application at home and abroad.With the improvement of IC integration, the increase number of test point, theminiaturization in the size, the increase of density, scale production and somesensitive component testing, all set new strict requests to the precision: speed, servicefunction, detecting ability, software interface, work reliability, automation degree ofthe automatic prober and test requirements of the device being tested to benondestructive, etc.The national metrology institute of electromagnetic room now have a manualprobe used for measuring the instrument of microwave impedance microelectronicscircuits, as a benchmark of traceability of national level of the instrument in thisfield, so it can be seen that automation reconstruction to the instrument can bringimportant social benefits and economic benefits. The application of the manual probeinstrument have great lackness, becoming the bottleneck of improve test accuracy.①At the start of the test, we should make sure the three touch head of the instrumentwas put on chip three measured ends under the guidance of high rate microscopeimages on the plane of X-Y , in order to make sure Z direction is reliable contact, westill need to move the probe and create test trace in special test plate made of puregold, determining whether contact is reliable so as to do the measurement.②Aftertest the first point, we need repeat the adjustment process to move to the secondpoint, so efficiency is very low and the consistency of the measurement could not beassured;③Without united coordinate system, it is difficult to adjust for measuring ofdiameter double contacts;④Omission would occurred when for many test points inlarge scale integrated circuit, The application of the manual instrument need largelabor intensity, efficiency is very low and hard to ensure accuracy.A double-3d displacement sliding table consist of grating digital system isproposed in the paper, which could automatic moving according to the built unity of coordinate system, positioning and measuring the regulate points of electronic circuitby drive stepping motor; Advanced vision technology is applied on verticalmicroscope optical path for monitoring contact state of three touch with the chip’s;The paper discusses the high precision guide the tiny displacement Angle error (pitch,roll and raw) needle to the influence of the contact reliable orientation at the first time,making theoretical foundation for the design of double 3d displacement sliding table;VC software is used in the system as to realize the automatic measurement and dataprocessing in process. After the preliminary experimental debugging achieved thegoal.

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