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Simulationand Experiment Research of Folding Wing Aircraft

Author ZhaoJiangNan
Tutor ZhangWei
School Beijing University of Technology
Course Engineering Mechanics
Keywords folding wing aircraft vibration experiment modal analysis flight test
CLC V216
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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As a kind of new concept morphing aircraft, folding wing aircraft can change thewing area initiatively through the wing’s stretching and folding. So the morphing aircraftcan keep the optimal flight state all the time, expand the flight envelope maximizely,perform different tasks, and meet the different requirements of flight environment. Duringthe flight of folding wing aircraft at different folding angles, the changing of pneumaticsex and structure causing by the changing of the wing configuration will make foldingwing aircraft have different vibration performances at different folding angles. Thereforeresearching the vibration performance of folding wing aircraft at different folding angles isvery valuable to guide the structure design and Safe flight of folding wing aircraft.Selecting folding wing aircraft as the research object, this paper carried on theresearch of vibration experiment, simulation analysis and flight test, so as to study on theproblems of vibration performances, deformation control and flight stability of foldingwing aircraft.(1) The folding wing part of folding wing aircraft was simplified to folding platestructure. Two folding plates experiment device and three folding plates experiment devicewere designed and produced. LMS modal analysis software were used to carry onhammering method modal experiment of the devices, so as to obtain the devices’ modeand Natural frequency at the angles of0°,30°,45°,60°,90°,120°.(2) PROE was used to build the folding wing part’s three-dimensional model at theangles of0°,30°,45°,60°,90°,120°. Then the research used ANSYS to obtain the modeparameters. The model’s vibration performances at different folding angles weresummarized through the contrast of the modes and Natural frequencies.(3) Straight wing, sweep wing and delta wing fixed wing aircraft were designed,produced and carried on flight test. Suitable modified models were selected afterobserving their flight result and contrasting their flight performance. According to theselected modified model, folding wing aircraft were designed and produced. Then flighttest of the folding wing aircraft has been carried on in the research so as to observe theflight result and contrast the flight performance.(4) The paper summarize the problems of vibration performances and flight stabilityin the folding wing aircraft’s flight after a comprehensive comparison of the folding plateexperimental device vibration experiment, folding wing simulation analysis and thefolding wing aircraft flight test results, so as to guide the structure design and Safe flightof folding wing aircraft.

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