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The Planning Research of the Micro Space Debris Detection System Base on PVDF Piezoelectric Sensor

Author ZhangQingZhi
Tutor GuoTao; BaoAiDa
School University of North
Course Circuits and Systems
Keywords PVDF sensor space micro-debris time-of-flight circuit
CLC V447
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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The micro space debris detection system is the information system based on the PVDFsensor technology and the acquisition and storage technology was used to detect micro spacedebris. Space debris detection is an integral part of the human spaceflight systems, and thecontinuous development of human spaceflight systems, the role of space debris detection evenmore prominent. Space micro-debris detection system developed spacecraft design spaceprotection needs, the requirements to provide security for the future space station, therequirements to a telling example of responsible power to the space environment.Micro space debris detection system was composed by the probe unit and the circuitsystem unit. The probe unit consists of the probe frame structures, and PVDF sensor, its mainfunction was to generate charge signals by collision with space debris. The main function ofthe circuit unit was on the probe output charge signal acquisition and storage, mainly by thecharge amplifier module, filter conditioning circuit module, the comparator module, peakhold module, the analog switch module, ADC module, memory module, FPGA controlmodule. To analyze the data collected, and further can be deduced from the basic nature of thedebris.In this paper, the main content of the project is that first extensive micro space debriscomposition, distribution model and impact with the spacecraft, conduct research, and thendetermine the PVDF piezoelectric sensor-based micro space debris detection systemexploration goals and basic technical indicators; in-depth and extensive research of thedomestic and international research on space debris detector on the basis of, especiallyfar-reaching impact on the detector development model, to make our own micro debrisdetection system solutions; third, the probe system design, implementation, and completion ofthe key technologies in the development process of the production, application of the probeand circuit box; micro space debris detection system related experiments and experimentaldata were analyzed and summarized. Finally, summary and outlook, full text and summary ofexperience and lack of work, proposed a further improvement goals.

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