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Research and Application of the Sharing Data File Format Used in the Digital Lunar Platform

Author Li
Tutor MiaoFang
School Chengdu University of Technology
Course Earth Exploration and Information Technology
Keywords Chang-E project Geo-Browser/Services Cloud mode DLML Digital-Lunar Platform
CLC TP311.13
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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With the Chinese Lunar Exploration Program that is named Chang-E Projectprogressing steadily, our nation has gained great achievements in the moon spaceenvironment and the lunar exploration. Furthermore, we has accumulated a largeamount of data with these achievements. For the purpose of accelerating the researchbased on the data of Lunar Exploration and realizing the goal of our moon landingearlier, our nation increased the supportment for the scientific research organizationand individuals at the same time.However, based on the traditional spatial informationaccessing mode recently and the existing spatial data sharing standard,our do not havea rational digital lunar platform for the effective sharing and exhibition using the data of"Chang-E" project. Meanwhile, the existing spatial data file format may restrict themass data sharing in the net work environment and exhibiting on the digital lunarplatform from a certain extent.With the foundation of the research on the new generation spatial informationaccessing mode Geo-Browser/Services Cloud(G/S) mode in our laboratory, weproposed that the services mechanism of this mode took the Hyper GeographicMarkup Language(HGML) as a core and based on"Requesting-Polymerzing-Serving"under the distributed computing environment. Simultaneously, focusing in the LunarExploration Program, this paper extended the HGML information standard. With thebasement of "Chang-E"1image exhibition on the original digital lunar platform(Ustar) and the research of the image loading method, this paper researched the"Chang-E"2CCD image data format and completed the integration and optimizationfor the different format. Based on the related content of research, this paper made the following threeresearch achievements:1. Under the research on the digital lunar platform, HGML based on the G/Smode and the features of "Chang-E"2image data, this paper defined a DLML datasharing standard satisfied "Chang-E" project.2. According the data sharing standard and the features of the SCI and GEO files,this paper defined a DLFF file format that can be appropriate for the image exhibitionon the platform.3. On the basic frame of digital lunar platform, I completed a tool fortransforming the SCI and GEO files into DLFF file. And on the3D virtual moon ofthe platform, I successfully tested the DLFF data file loading on the platform.Combining with the above three research results, this paper put forward thefollowing two research innovations:1. This paper proposed a data sharing standard (DLML) that fitted for the digitallunar platform. This data sharing standard was applied to the digital lunar platformthat based on the G/S mode. Meanwhile, according to the internal informationcharacteristics of "Chang-E "2CCD2C image, combining with the currentmainstream of data sharing standard and theory method, it proposed and defined thespecific tags of the standard.2. This paper proposed a file format (DLFF) that fitted for the digital lunarplatform. This file format was based on the DLML and the image data loading methodof the digital lunar platform. Meanwhile, combing with the features of "Chang-E "2CCD2C image SCI and GEO format, it defined the internal file structure and themethod of data compressing.

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