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The Research of the Time Unit in the Muzzle Fire and the Sound Wave Detection

Author FuYongSheng
Tutor LeiMing
School Xi'an University of Technology
Course Control Theory and Control Engineering
Keywords Local time The muzzle signal Muzzle flame Muzzle shock Autocorrelation
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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In the shooting range test, it is necessary to unify local time using unified time signal for the range of test equipment in the same test environment, complete time unit control and measurement of equipment. In order to achieve the purpose, propose a method of light and sound compound detection, research the technology of the compound detection for muzzle fire and muzzle shock and complete the untouchable trigger device.Established the detection platform of muzzle fire and sound, analyzed the two characteristics of the fire and sound target signal, design the fire and sound trigger circuit and the compound method of two target to detect the muzzle signal. Because of the light signal was affected by natural light easily, the jamming signal of the background can be filter by band-pass filter effectively. Because of the sound acquisition and trigger system is influenced by rebounded noise, the mistake triggering is removed by using the method of delay autocorrelation detection. It got the valid signal of muzzle shock effectively, and established unification trigger net in test ballistic range. In order to improve the anti-jamming capability and the reliability for the output muzzle signal of the system, compound the two target signal. This method used the digital correlation filter method to detect the fire signal and the sound wave, deduced the model of the fire and the sound composite detection,and used the fire signal as a reference signal to get the muzzle signal. This method improved the reliability of the muzzle signal output. Through the experiment to detect the real fire signal and the sound signal, it got the muzzle signal reliable and this signal is the base time signal of the trajectory device.After the research of fire and sound detection system, and experiments, it can provide accurate united time signal for many testing equipment. And this method provide effective design method and harmonization time for else multiple devices in the testing environment.

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