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Reseach of Dual-band Inrared Target Simulator Based on Digital-micromirror Device

Author SunYongXue
Tutor LongFuNian
School Harbin Institute of Technology
Course Optical Engineering
Keywords Infrared scene simulation DMD Illumination system Splitting prism Projection system Optical design
CLC TJ765.43
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Infrared scene simulation because of saving time, effort and money etc. havebecome the most effective way to evaluate the performances of infrared guidancesystem. the simulation method simulate the infrared radiation distribution of realtarget and background in infrared seeker working band. Digital micromirrordevice(DMD) become the most commontly used infrared scene generation device,because of the characteristics such as high frame rate, high spatial resolution andtemperature resolution and wide dynamic range. Infrared scene projection system isthe most important part of the infrared scene simulation, the main contents of thispaper is to design a Infrared Dual-band scene projection system based on DMD.Firstly, Methods of infrared scene generation, and the principle, compositionand functions of DMD-based infrared target simulator are introduced; thecomposition and working principle of DMD are described; the advantages of DMDas scene generation device are analyzed; infrared scene projector system solution isdetermined.Secondly, illumination system, splitting system and projection system weredesigned according to program requirements. Critical illumination was used andInfrared radiation was provided by the illumination system to illuminate DMDuniformly. Three methods of splitting system were analyzed, and polarizationsplitting was adopted finally. This method can improve energy efficiency, and thedesign method of polarization splitting prism was given. The technical parameters ofprojection system were proposed according to the requirements of seeker and theDMD. Projection system with four lens was designed, and its working bands are3.7~4.8μm and8~12μm, F-number was3and FOV is±2°. After the design,image quality evaluation and tolerance analysis are accomplished.Finally, the performances of infrared scene projection system were analyzed,and the energy of system was accounted to determine the blackbody temperature.

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