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Image stabilized fire control aiming mirror servo system design and Implementation

Author LiuZhuo
Tutor DuGuoPing; MeiYuYing
School Nanjing University of Technology and Engineering
Course Control Engineering
Keywords the optical telescope of tank sight-stabilization PID algorithm ARM
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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The fire control system is an important part of the tank, it is a device which is installed inside the tank, can quickly complete the observation, searching, targeting, tracking, ranging, providing trajectory correction, calculating,then take the automatic table-loading and control the fire to shoot. From here we can see that, the optical telescope which has the observing, targeting and tracking capabilities should be the basic of these. In order to make the tank fire control system can target and shoot when in the still or even moving, many researches has been done deeply about servos of the optical telescopes and turret. The fire control system of modern tanks can be divided into master-slave and sight-stabilization. this paper will give the design of the telescopes servo which is in sight-stabilization fire control system.The paper analyzes how the sight-stabilization system works and functional requirements of the actual system, then design to the typical tricyclic control program, and gives the tricyclic regulator in engineering method.The main control chip of sight-stabilization system is LPC2366, hardware circuits includes motion control module, communication module, isolation module, data conversion module and system power module.Among these, Motion control module uses a digital-analog design, the position and speed regulator of the motor use digital circuit design, current regulator and drive circuit use analog circuit design. In addition, when choosing what kind of data conversion modules to use, the paper takes the real-time and accuracy requirements into consideration, then choose high precision, good performance A/D and D/A chip.System software design includes the main controller pin drivers, data conversion chip driver and motion control program, which pin driver design includes four modules:UART, SSP, SPI and GPIO. Data conversion chip driver has chip initialization, sampling and conversion procedures; motion control module includes position and speed loop using integral-separate PID algorithm and the timer interrupt routine.In the last, the paper gives the results of the simulation and debug, the results show that the system has completed requirements of the design and achieved the desired effect.

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