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Research on Failure Modes of High Embankment and Aseismic Measures for Buried Strike-slip Fault Movement

Author HouJiaQing
Tutor ZhangJianJing
School Southwest Jiaotong University
Course Geotechnical Engineering
Keywords strike-slip faults embankment aseismic measures failure mode
CLC U213.11
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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China which is well developed in the earthquake fault zone is an earthquake-prone country. There is problem how across the fault in Railway and highway construction. As a relatively safe and economic way across the fault, embankment is being more and more applications in the actual project. But there is not much research on formation mechanism of embankment disasters caused by strike-slip fault movement and how to decrease the embankment damage caused by the fault movement. For the above, this article take the model test and finite element analysis to research a high embankment which across the strike-slip faults in yungui Railway. The main research contents are the following:①This article summarized the high embankment’s deformation in the strike-slip faults movement. The horizontal displacement of the embankment focused on a certain range where just above the fault at the junction of two projection, the embankment top of the horizontal displacement is less than the horizontal displacement at the bottom of the embankment, the embankment slope horizontal displacement is greater than before embankment slope horizontal displacement. It is bulge upward trend in embankment. It will be the greater the horizontal displacement,the greater the vertical displacement.②There will be qualitative analysis on damping effect of embankment laid under the sand, embankment laid under the sand and geogrid, embankment laid under the sand and geogrid when foundation firmed by CFG pile.it will reduce the horizontal displacement of embankment laid under sand or geogrid when Concealed strike-slip fault get movement. If there is Generation of cracks, foundation firmed by CFG pile can reduce the horizontal displacement of embankment. Due to the dilatancy, the vertical displacement of the embankment uplift after laying sand.③There are analyzed and summarized on failure mode of the high embankment after Strike-slip fault dislocation. The embankment will be tensile failure as buried strike-slip fault’s dislocation. There may be tensile failure in the position of back-end slope of the embankment above fault movement plate, front-end slope of the embankment slope above fault stationary plate, the bottom of the embankment above fault movement plate. Where will be damage depends on Stress state of the embankment.

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