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The General Design of the Ore Mechanical Flatting and the Study on the Flatting Resistance

Author DuanYing
Tutor DongMingWang
School Wuhan University of Technology
Course Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation
Keywords mechanical flatting granular plastic limit flatting resistance
CLC U294.2
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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In the present posture of the handicraft of ore drawing, the branch of Ningbo Port—Beilun Ore Terminal company,will have a bad phenomenon that ore through the discharge device appear is not levelled in the car trunk, the conditions offset-load have different degrees in the horizontal and vertical van, it can’t meet requirements of railway transport of goods, and has seriously affected the safety of railway transportation. In the current technical conditions, only way is flatting on the ore heap manually in rail freight. Manual flatting due to heavy workload and low efficiency, greatly reduce the efficiency of ore loading operations and restrict the ability development of ore drawing of terminals. This article is based on the actual production environment, make a reasonable design—Ore mechanical flatting. It is a cleaner style of trimming equipment, and it’s suitable for the special conditions of the flatting work, it’s a great innovation, different from the previous trimming machine.Ore mechanical flatting is divided into five sections:travel system, lifting system, cleaning systems, control systems and racks. The several typical machine of the ore mechanical flatting are designed and calculated of parameters and motor matched in the third chapter of this text, and the main structure of ore mechanical flatting model is determined basically.The main topic of this article is the flatting resistance of the ore mechanical flatting. Ore is a typical granular material, comparing with solid each of granular particles, have solid character, however on the whole, it can flow, but it also can compose to interrelated media with composition and location. From this point, it is similar to liquid and has liquid nature, and very different from the nature of the liquid. Granular material is a special one wih double-physical properties of solid-liquid, it is extremely important to study on its mechanical properties, mobility for the design of mechanical flatting. In terms of computing theory of granular, they are generalized as follows:limit equilibrium method, slip-line field method, finite element method and the plastic limit analysis method. The most significant advantage of limit analysis method is that can always obtain a failure load value useful, regardless of how complex the structure geometry and loading conditions are. This article establish a reasonable mechanical model to determine the correct solution based on deeply study the plastic limit analysis, and analysis of how the change of various parameters in the calculation affect in detail, providing a reliable theoretical basis for the design of mechanical flatting, also guiding the experiment and development for the mechanical flatting.

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