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Studies on Greening Mode of Shaanxi Province Express Way

Author WangYuHong
Tutor XiaoBin
School Northwest University of Science and Technology
Course Gardening
Keywords Shaanxi province expressway landscape pattern
CLC U418.9
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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The environmental protection is human twenty-first Century has been facing seriousproblem, people in the development of nature at the same time, also destroyed the home ofhuman existence. In recent years, with the development of social economy and theaccelerating process of city, highway construction and development speed is verybreathtaking. The highway spans type develops quickly, increase of ecological system, thedestruction of the original natural landscape, to reduce green plant cover, causing soil andwater loss, serious damage to the ecological environment, but also restricts the sustainabledevelopment of social economy, the social development and human survival. The level of risk.Therefore, in order to protect and restore the natural environment as the goal of highwaygreening construction career to get the attention of social all circles and attention.Shaanxi Provincial Expressway in the framework of the national trunk highway andwestern channel approximately70%journey through the Loess Plateau area, these specialconditions for the repair and construction of road environment has caused some difficulty,from the Shaanxi Road area environment set out actually, strict scientific practice, fumblegradually mastered and appropriate to the regional growth of the plant community andlandscape pattern, proposed the construction and restoration of highway environmenttechnology and methods, to comprehensively promote the Shaanxi highway greening in thesustainable development to provide a strong technical support. In this paper, extensivecollection of domestic and foreign highway greening mode of information, draw lessons fromthe beneficial experience and suitable methods, combined with the greening project, summedup Shaanxi province expressway greening mode the main existing problems and suggestionson optimization.1.Shaanxi province expressway greening mode problems:(1)Greening mode level also need to upgrade and improve, central strip of the greenmode without change, plant species not rich; interchange district greening landscape effect incoordination with the surrounding environment to consider not comprehensive; differentslopes must choose different greening protection measures; service area, toll station and the design of the lack of Humanity Management District tunnel entrance plaza; selection ofgreening plants less hierarchical, the effect is not obvious.(2)The plant selection and configuration is not very reasonable, so that plant survivalrate and preserving rate is not high, there are green mode is single, be rich plant species,increased plant performance levels, different seasons of the ornamental effect.(3)On the natural environment protection degree seriously insufficient, highway routeselection, selection of the destruction of the natural environment is relatively large, did notmake full use of highway along the natural landscape, scenic spots and structures.(4)The highway embankment segment, ramp slope and bridge cone slope protectionusing mortar rubble masonry protection such as too much, should use biological protectiontechnology, selection of Qiao, shrubs and herbs with planting, the effect of natural variation.2.Shaanxi province expressway greening mode optimization suggestion:(1) Expressway Greening mode required for different road area to conduct acomprehensive analysis of research, the final choice for the highway greening mode.(2) The central divider greening should suit one’s measures to local conditions,arrange its nature, long out of the grass does not need to be trimmed, and on both sides of thehighway landscape integration, and isolating the green belt forms should be rich and varied,increase change.(3) As much as possible to increase highway green biomass, air purification, noisereduction, reducing the greenhouse effect.(4)The establishment of a new concept, and strive for the wildlife to create livechannel, build person and animal, plant and coordinated development of natural environment.(5)To solve the difficulties of the lack of water resources in Shaanxi Province,accelerate the development of water-harvesting irrigation. Especially for high and steep slope,water retention, measures should be taken to strengthen the rain water, retaining effect, try tosolve the problem of water shortage in high and steep slope plants; at the same time selectionof drought, cold, resistance barren native flora.(6) In accordance with the " suit one’s measures to local conditions"," appropriate tree" principle, biodiversity and the principle of overall coordination and beautify thereinforcement principle, preferably local native tree species of shrubs, deciduous andevergreen, with combination of shrub and grass, with different subjects, plant combination,shallow root deep root plant combining, pioneer grass and long grass mixed sowing, create amulti-level change, long-term and short-term effects of plant series of greening mode. (7) On both sides of the highway greening, tree lighting without affecting the drivingconditions, by Joe Guancao combination, forming a vertical plant landscape, the spaceenclosure is better, green large amount, to improve the ecological environment effect is good.On both sides of the road, such as forests, wetlands, water landscape garden, are available inthe appropriate section of planting low flowering shrubs, such sight relatively transparent, sothat passengers can enjoy almost completely road region surrounding scenery.

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