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The Worm Mix Technical Reach of Different Types of Pavement Structure and Climatic Conditions

Author HuYin
Tutor HuShuGuang; DingQingJun
School Wuhan University of Technology
Course Materials Science
Keywords Worm-mixed modifier Mechanism Road performance characteristics Gradedtype Different factors
CLC U414
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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With high energy consumption, pollution and other issues, hot mix asphalt mixture does not comply with the development trend of global energy saving and environmental protection, so warm mix asphalt pavement material is the development direction. At present domestic warm-mixed modifiers have different types.Performance and characteristic are also not identical. Those factors limit the standardization and large-scale promotion application of the warm mix asphalt pavement. This article selects three of the most representative warm-mixed agent of the zeolite, organic reduction of viscosity and emulsification, with systematically comparative analysis, this article discusses the action mechanism of warm-mixed agent. We also study on the rule of warm-mixed agent effect on performance of asphalt mixture, combining with the pavement structure types, climate conditions, the purpose of use, road grade and other factors, to distinguish the different kinds of warm-mixed agent applicability, Research results provide a theoretical reference on the key materials of warm mix asphalt technology optimization design and its application.This paper made the following innovative achievements:Using SEM, XRD, differential thermal analysis, infrared spectrum measurement discusses the mechanism of action of warm-mixed agent, Three kinds of warm-mixed agent’s effect principle is to reduce the viscosity of the asphalt construction temperature range in order to reduce the construction temperature, but the specific mechanism of action is different:with the continuous foaming of the water release, Zeolite has the viscosity reducing effect. The role of viscosity will decay gradually with the extension of time. When the temperature is greater than110℃, organic viscosity reducer will transform into a liquid, increase asphalt oil and have lubrication, dispersion of asphaltenes and colloid. Emulsification with lipophilic and hydrophilic groups in the asphalt can introduce water droplets, because of forming the shape of the water in oil, it lubricates the viscosity reducing effect. Comprehensive analysis, emulsification warm-mixed agent has the best viscosity reducing effect. The organic viscosity reducing class has the biggest influence on asphalt high and low temperature performance.With testing asphalt mixture Marshall stability, freezing and thawing split, rutting, low temperature trabecular bending performance, under different warm-mixed agent in different shaping temperature of density as well as the best molding temperature, this paper studied the effect of warm-mixed agent on warm mix asphalt concrete performance and influence:Three kinds of warm-mixed agent could reduce the mixture compaction temperature15℃above; zeolite on asphalt mixture water stability performance impact was the biggest, freeze-thaw splitting strength decreased36%; organic viscosity class of warm-mixed agent on Asphalt Mixture’s high, low temperature performance was significant, High temperature stability improved292%, low temperature performance by18%; Emulsion kind’s impact on performance is not obvious.Studied the influence on the performance of different structure road by different temperature of mixing agent modified AC, of SMA, OGFC and so on, and the cooling effect, operation time, performance of road and so on. combining with different type of pavement structure characteristics, application requirements, we analyzed the useing effect of road by each temperature mix agent in the different structure The results show that: the warm mixed effecting of zeolite in OGFC mixture decays fast, the reduce degree of compaction temperature in SMA mixture is less than in the AC, OGFC; Organics have not much effect on three kinds of mixture at high temperature performance, but for OGFC and AC mixture at low temperature performance, the effect is obvious; emulsions have a good effect on warm mixing in kinds of structure of mixtures,for each type of mixture at high temperature performance, the effect is not obvious, emulsions enhance the water stability and low temperature deformation capacity in knds of mixtures.Based on the research results, combing with the effect of three warm mix agent on the mixture, considering our country’s temperature distribution, rainfall distribution, warm mix agent’s purpose, highway grade, designing and construction of technology such difference factors, and according to three aspects of the climate, constructing environment, pavement level, we define three degrees of warm mix agent by applicability.

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