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Study on the Landscape Design of Mountain Highway

Author JiaYi
Tutor ZhangShengRui
School Chang'an University
Course Traffic and Transportation Engineering
Keywords Mountain highway Landscape design Road route selection Environmental protection
CLC U418.9
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Along with the rapid economic development of our country,needs of the remote regioneconomic resources and economic industry development, Mountain area highwayconstruction has become an important part of the highway construction. The construction ofmountain road, especially the construction of mountain highway, can promote thedevelopment of along the economy, culture, and humanities. However Mountain highwayconstruction in China still has many problems, such as we only pay attention to transport butneglect the Environmental Protection, immediate interest is valued but the road landscapedesign and the surrounding ecological environment protection are ignored. Therefore, theprotection of natural environment and landscape has become an important part of highwayroute selection. Then, with Characteristics of mountain road, this paper focuses on researchingthe principles, contents, techniques and methods of the mountain road route choice andlandscape design, and aims at providing theoretical basis on mountain road construction.Based on a lot of research and analysis of literature on domestic and foreign roadlandscape design, and absorbing their experiences, this paper establish the theory foundationfor the planning of road landscape, and provides a solid platform for the research anddevelopment of follow-up to the mountain road landscape design.In this paper, based on the mountain road route selection, the natural conditions of chinamountain road is introduced, and many aspects as follows, the characteristics of mountainroad, technical standards selection, route selection process, route selection rules, routeselection techniques, route plan, are discussed in detail. The theoretical basis for the landscapedesign of the mountain road is based on the systematic introduction of the mountain roadroute choice.The paper also analyzes the problems which exist in the process of building of themountain road. At the same time, combined with the basic principles and idea of roadlandscape design, the paper studies various parts of the landscape design of the mountain road,such as the landscape design of the side slope, the tunnel entrance, structures and ancillaryfacilities etc. Besides the restoring and rebuilding technology of landscape are probed in thispaper.Based on the Xi Han highway’s construction project, the paper verified the relatedtheories of mountain road route selection and road landscape design. The results show that themethod of mountain road route selection and landscape design which was proposed by the paper is correct and feasible.

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