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Study of Performance and Reinforced Mechanism of the Fiber Asphalt Mixtures

Author XuGang
Tutor ZhaoJing; ZhaoLiHua
School Dalian Jiaotong University
Course Road and Railway Engineering
Keywords mineral fiber asphalt mixture road performance improvementmechanism viscoelasticity
CLC U414
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Along with the development of national economy, the highway pavement in China hasmade great progress, but it is undeniable that the early damage of the asphalt pavement iscommon, how to improve the way properties of the asphalt mixture still one of the main tasksof scientific research personnel.Mineral fiber as a kind of inorganic fibers, which has good heat resistance, tensileproperty and corrosion resistance, by adding a certain amount of mineral fiber to the asphaltmixture, the outstanding characteristic is reduce production of high temperature track,decrease the water damage and improve the low temperature crack resistance. Fiber as atypical asphalt mixture of composite material,the mechanical performance and damage lawdepends not only on the various components of the properties of materials fiber, asphalt andaggregates, but also on the microcosmic structure characteristics, such as fiber distributionstatus and interface properties. Therefore, research the fiber asphalt mixture mechanism ofaction has very important practical significance for reasonable choice and application of fibermaterial to improve the performance of fiber asphalt mixture.This article chooses mineral fiber as the research object,combine asphalt mixtureperformance test by adding two different forms of mineral fiber, intend to do related researchfor the way performance of fiber asphalt mixture,then analysis the improve mechanism ofmineral fiber to the asphalt mixture,lastly analysis the viscoelastic property of fiber asphaltmixture. Paper rely on the AC-16C asphalt mixture,by adding certain amount of differentforms of basalt fiber,test and analysis the road properties of the high temperature stability, thelow temperature crack property and water stability of fiber asphalt mixture, then study theenhance mechanism of mineral fiber to the asphalt mixture,and through the high-lowtemperature creep test, selecting Burgers viscoelastic model, analysis the viscoelastic propertyof fiber asphalt mixture.

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