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Experimental Study on Evaluating the Quality of Pavement Based on the Vector Space Quality Evaluation Method

Author LiHuiMei
Tutor QinZhiBin; ZengLei
School Changsha University of Science and Technology
Course Traffic and Transportation Engineering
Keywords Asphalt Pavement Composite Modified Asphalt vector spacemethod the entropy value theory
CLC U416.217
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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With the continuous improvement of the level of highway in China, high gradehighway network has been improved, how to detect and evaluate the quality ofpavement, is the very important topic. At present after the investigation of domesticengineering quality inspection, we find that the current specification ask for somequality testing index more broadly, it is often that during the construction therequiremented index all qualified even reach the excellent level, but the operationwill soon appear all sorts of early damage, the actual engineering quality can’tcompletely meet that. In addition, existing asphalt pavement evaluation method hassome problems in practical application, such as the evaluation result was notaccurate enough and data collection efficiency is lower.Therefore, it needs establishing a set of the asphalt pavement qualityassessment of the new system and the new method, can more scientificly evaluatethe actual pavement engineering quality level.This paper analyzes the currenthighway asphalt pavement quality inspection and evaluation standard ,and asphaltpavement construction technology standards, puts forward the vector space qualityevaluation method which is suitable for the newly-built asphalt pavement.Considering different index have the different influence on the performanceasphalt pavement , select index that largely effect on the quality of asphalt pavementas a specific reference index in the completion acceptance . And then divide theindex’s grades into four levels of excellent, good, qualified and theunqualified.Based on the standard, the literature and the actual situation of theproject, selected indicators’corresponding grade standard level, this process usedthe progressive average method.In view of uncertainty and complexity in the process of performanceevaluation, based on the entropy and the vector space theory, the evaluation systemis established in performance evaluation, and the fuzzy in classification of everyindex was considered. The weight of each index was determined by Subjectivityweight method and entropy method to consider data objectivity and classificationsubjectivity. Take the example of the highway form Ning Yuan to Dao Xian to verifypracticability of this way. Computation result shows that: the lever of the pavementis medium closely to good grade;coincides with the actual situation and shows that the evaluation method is feasible.

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