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Zigong City Dragon Gorge Forest Park Landscape Resources Evaluation and Landscape renovation

Author SunYeJiao
Tutor LiMei
School Sichuan Agricultural University
Course Ornamental Plants and Horticulture
Keywords Forest Park Landscape Resources Evaluation Plant Landscape Transform
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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China since the reform and opening up, the rapid development of tourism. In the 21st century, as people increasingly strong desire to return to nature, eco-tourism gradually replacing the traditional sightseeing. As a major eco-tourism destination of forests increasing attention, Forest Park also emerged. Forest Park is the depth of the forest tourism product development and marketing a full range of important places. Forest Park as a fundamental resource advantage, Forest Park, Forest Park landscape quality and ecological quality and quality recreation solidarity. In the forest eco-tourism boom period, how to Forest Park landscape resources for scientific and rational evaluation, based on landscape resource protection and quality improvement targets for transformation, and on the basis of the protection of rational development and utilization, creating the largest ecological, social , economic development and construction of forest parks and sustainability eternal topic. In this paper, the rapid development of Forest Park construction status, combined with the already existing forest park landscape resources evaluation and plant transformation examples, study and learn a lot of literature on the meaning of Forest Park, function and type do a more comprehensive and integrated system examine and landscape and forest landscape forest park landscape meaning and methods for resource assessment and comparison comprehensive exposition. In this paper, on the Zigong City Dragon Gorge Forest Park to conduct field investigations and studies, control of its geographical conditions, the natural environment, infrastructure and other basic conditions and the status of forest landscape resources, based on a summarized, analyzed derivation methods, combined with professional theory and principles, through all of our existing common evaluation methods more scientific comprehensive comparison, the final choice of qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the combination of the \of Zigong City Dragon Gorge scenic forest park resources quality, regional environmental quality, tourism development and utilization conditions such as a comprehensive assessment, concluded Dragon Gorge Landscape Resource quality rating score of 36.665 points, scenic resource quality level two, comply with the conditions established provincial forest park. Its resources and tourist values ​​higher, hard artificial recycling, should strengthen the protection and development of preservation, preservation and development of specific measures. Forest Park landscape resource assessment aims to transform the landscape resources, planning, development and management to provide a scientific basis, but also as an investment target markets provide the basis for such facilities. In this paper, draw a large number of literature references on the basis of Forest Park summed up the basic principles of plant transformation, and with full understanding of Dragon Gorge Forest Park features landscape resources, careful analysis of the natural environment of the park after the analysis of plant status and problems, according to the Dragon Gorge Forest Park landscape resource assessment score, the spirit of respect for the local resource characteristics and people-oriented principle, put forward plans to build part of the goal post - Park plant transformation countermeasures. Finally, in arriving at Dragon Gorge Forest Park landscape resources evaluation results and on the basis of plant transformation summed up some conclusions and discussed. This paper argues that the transformation process in the plant resource protection should always implement the concept, trying to maximize the protection of valuable forest resources based on the creation of a higher level can bring people to enjoy the beauty of the forest plants and enjoyable experience landscape.

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