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Liaohe River Bridge Cable-stayed Main Bridge Structural Health Monitoring and Performance Evaluation

Author TangWei
Tutor DangYongQin
School Shenyang University of construction
Course Disaster Prevention and Reduction Engineering and Protective Engineering
Keywords Cable-stayed bridge Bridge structural health monitoring Static load test Dynamic load test Bearing capacity
CLC U446
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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The Cable-stayed bridge has a span capability, reasonable structure, beautiful appearanceand reasonable advantage of the rapid development of economic indicators. Liaohe River Bridgeis a cable-stayed bridge main span in northern China’s largest cable-stayed bridge. The bridgestructural health monitoring and structural analysis of the performance evaluation is important,not only can be used to assess the usage of existing bridge, new bridge construction can alsoprovide design and construction basis. Static and dynamic load test the bridge structure healthmonitoring is an important tool. In this paper, Liaohe River Bridge stayed main bridgeengineering background, and a large span cable-stayed bridge static and dynamic load tests witha focus, long-span cable-stayed structure analysis of the performance evaluation. Thesis researchwork include the following:Based on the bridge with the bridge design and structural characteristics and the actualconstruction process, the use of software to build the bridge, Dr. Bridge truss element model.Through theoretical analysis of the structure of the bridge, static load test to ensure the efficiencyto meet the relevant requirements determined on the basis of this static test load used in theprogram, test conditions and measuring points to design and carry out static load test. Static loadtest after test data and theoretical calculations were analyzed to evaluate the actual carryingcapacity of the bridge structure meets the design requirements.The use of finite element analysis software to establish a dynamic model of the bridge, andthe modal analysis, the natural frequency of the bridge with the theoretical mode shapes. At thesame time the bridge for dynamic load test, to determine the bridge modal parameters anddynamic parameters of the measured values, respectively, again with the theoretical calculationsor normative data were analyzed to assess the dynamic performance of the bridge.Through the finite element model, theoretical analysis and research from the Liaohe RiverBridge cable-stayed main bridge of the actual carrying capacity, carrying capacity of the bridgestructure, work status, and carry the potential for comprehensive evaluation. Static load testresults show that the bridge structure under load in the elastic trial stress state, the main beam,the main tower and pier stiffness and strength with good performance, force structure isreasonable, the actual carrying capacity to meet current design load level road-Class Irequirements; dynamic load test results show that the bridge has a good dynamic characteristics,stability, good wind, the effect of vehicle load, less prone to the phenomenon of forcedresonance, has a good performance. In summary, the bridge can be integrated to determine thehealth status of good structural performance to meet the design requirements.

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