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Long-span Steel Truss Suspensiong Bridge Construction Technology Research

Author DuZhongJun
Tutor YangQingGuo; LiDu
School Chongqing Jiaotong University
Course Architecture and Civil Engineering
Keywords suspension bridge steel truss bridge deck main cable segment connecting
CLC U448.25
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Steel truss girder’s vertical bending stiffness is relatively large, it is suitable for double-deck suspension bridge.It has better wind stability, torsional performance is better. Structural steel truss rod is easy to transport, install. It is suitable for the mountains, deep valleys in the construction of long-span suspension bridge used. This paper relies on the project of880m main span steel truss suspension bridge, calculation the coordinates of the Steel truss suspension bridge’s main cable, steel truss segment length’s selection, steel truss load method, connection method, etc. for the relevant research work, get some conclusions with reference value.This article first description the steel truss suspension bridge’s deck, introduce steel truss suspension bridge’s steel truss girder in accordance with set unit, lifting the order, connect classification. Describes the target bridge deck construction techniques and construction process, the stiffening girder construction process。This article describes the basic theory of suspension bridge structure calculation, steel truss load method, steel truss segment’s connection method. comparative analysis the main cable coordinates obtained by use of SBCC, catenary and parabola method, The goal bridge main cable’s coordinates of this paper decided to use the SBCC method calculated. Using special software for bridge engineering MIDAS calculated and analyzed girder segment length, Decided to using a standard segment of the temporary connection means for the target bridge. Calculated and analyzed target Bridge stiffening girder in both loaded method’s displacement and stress. The goal bridge of this paper decided to use connecting while paving the way to load. Target bridge on the two ways forward, three connections a total of six kinds of conditions on the main cable-shaped, girder stress, axial force of the of the main cable’s impact was calculated and analyzed. Get on the six different conditions,main cable and stiffening girder’s impact, gives the best way forward and the connection of the bridge girder. Through the main span of880m of steel truss suspension bridge’s relevant calculation and analysis, Provide some guidance for future long-span steel truss suspension bridge’s research with.

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