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Huainan Coalfield deep coal metamorphism

Author LiaoQingFa
Tutor ChenPing
School Anhui University of Technology
Course Geological Engineering
Keywords Huainan coalfield Deep Coal Coal metamorphism Burial metamorphism Modern depth Macerals
CLC P618.11
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Coal has long been characterized by the geological community awareness of coal was largely based on the study of shallow coal seams , the subject beyond the traditional understanding of coal geological theory , the use of coal petrology and coal chemical analysis method, the Huainan coalfield coal metamorphism deep study analysis of the deep coal metamorphism elevated main geological factors , established a typical magmatic thermal metamorphism of coal coal petrology identification. Use a lot of coal testing data Huainan coalfield coal metamorphism indicators ( carbon content , hydrogen content , volatile matter yield ) and its corresponding depth regression analysis, the results showed that with the deepening of the depth , Huainan coalfield coal metamorphism increases linearly , with burial metamorphism characteristics. According burial metamorphism qualitative and quantitative analysis of the results , the modern burial depth of the deep coal in Huainan coalfield magnitude improvement plays an important role , however, in each of Ida Huainan area , modern depth of coal metamorphism there are differences , combined with the Huainan Coal Mine drilling loose thickness of each statistical results showed that soil layer from thin to thick, metamorphic grade with depth from strong to weak , which also explains why the same depth , the Huainan coalfield deep Ida metamorphism degree but varies ( loose layer of different thickness ) . Therefore, the depth of the deep Huainan coal metamorphism starting loose surface boundary layer thickness should be deducted from the bedrock surface counting , Huainan coalfield deep coal metamorphism degree of increase is dominated by bedrock surface to the period between the buried coal seam deep ( depth of burial deduction modern loose layer thickness ) effect caused . The use of coal research methods, using an optical microscope Huaibei typical magmatic thermal metamorphism macerals observed , established magmatic thermal metamorphism of coal \And compare the Huainan coal macerals from coal petrology angle ruled out the role of magmatic heat affected coal in Huainan coalfield . According Huainan coalfield coal metamorphism and coal quality testing data , respectively, of coal on the class along stratigraphic zonation , on the coal seam in the same class with depth zonation has been studied , and each mine in Huainan coalfield coal rank in the vertical depth zonation predicted. Figure [ 53 ] Table [ 28 ] reference [ 81 ]

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