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Research on Traffic Control Technology and Strategy on the Transportation Evolution Mechanism in Mountain City

Author QinLei
Tutor YaoHongYun
School Chongqing Jiaotong University
Course Traffic Information Engineering \u0026 Control
Keywords Group of mountain city indicator system road network capacity rampcontrol traffic demand management
CLC U491
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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In recent years, group of mountain city road has become crowded, after detailed investigationand analysis, that cause such reasons are in many aspects, including: at the microscopic level,because the group mountain city special geographical environment factors, according to thelandform and road construction, unreasonable structure, cross river bridge to assume most of trafficbetween the groups and leading effect, share traffic greatly, once the occurrence of congestion, willlikely cause the entire peripheral paralysis, so how to optimize the river-crossing bridge traffic signalcontrol, raising River Bridge capacity, reduces vehicle travel time, reduce vehicle delay, become avery important work; at the macroscopic level, with the group of mountain city motor vehiclestenure of disordered growth, relying only on the microcosmic traffic control technology research isnot enough, the traditional "to feed the need to" can not solve the problem, need starting fromrequirements, control the traffic source, so that the quantity of automobile maintenance in a thereasonable scope, promoting the sustainable development of the city traffic.This is the starting point, the group of mountain city resident trip characteristics, systemcharacteristic, road traffic flow characteristics are analyzed in detail, and then in-depth study of thegroup of mountain city road network capacity, traffic demand for the following study provide atheoretical basis, and on this basis to establish a suitable for group mountain city traffic evaluationindex system, basis point (intersection)-line (trunk)-surface (Network) three levels of traffic status,scientific and reasonable judgment of improvement of the implementation technology and strategy iseffective.Then the paper respectively from micro and macro aspects, combined with the previous chapterstudies the group mountain city traffic characteristics and the establishment of the group of mountaincity traffic evaluation index system, the typical group mountain city road and traffic conditions,research group of mountain city traffic control problems encountered, expect the system to establisha form a delegation type mountain city traffic control technology and strategy sets, so in certaindegree to the traffic operation to provide guidance and reference.①The micro levelRiver crossing bridge is connected group of mountain city of the key channel, itself a large flow,coupled with the entrance ramp disordered into river bridge, forcing the line speed is reduced, theriver bridge has become a bottleneck of traffic.In view of this situation, this paper presents aperspective, considering ramp traffic demand reduction in size the entrance ramp control technology,and according to the control strategy on the two close entrance ramp coordination control system framework, the control process and the function of each module design, and the use of PTV on rampcontrol, timing control and the entrance ramp control algorithm model control simulation, the controlperformance is better than the timing control method and signal control method, has a certain value.②The macro levelCity traffic congestion is the essence of traffic supply and demand imbalance in development,rely on microcosmic traffic control technology research is not enough, the simple "to feed" methodcan not fundamentally solve the problem of heavy traffic.Therefore need from macroscopical levelproceed with, looking for suitable for group mountain city carry out traffic demand managementstrategy and countermeasure, from the source to regulate traffic flow of traffic demand, reasonableguiding, make traffic demand and supply balance, promote group mountain city traffic sustainabledevelopment.

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