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Study of the Bank’s ATM Interface Design

Author RenZuoHui
Tutor WangKunZuo
School Kunming University of Science and Technology
Course Art of Design
Keywords ATM interface design cognitive psychology ergonomics product semantics art design
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Interface is a platform of information exchanging between designer and user. It’s a critical factor which determines the success or failure of the design. So product interface design, which can make information cognized and comprehend by users accurately and quickly, ought to make information resonance. It also can form information exchanging about aesthetic consciousness and product function between designer and user. Because people now not only meet in the use function of products material level, but also pay more attention to the psychological experience of mental level so that give the designer a new challenge. From use to experience reflects the nonphysical demand of the modern product of the people.Base on literature at home and abroad, this paper raised problems which exist in the existing interface design research and summarized the working principles and classify of the ATM and ensured the concept of ATM interface. It also discussed the type of ATM interface, and through compared with other products’ interface obtained seven big features of ATM interface which are usability, agreeableness, security, permissibility, high reliability, high technology and multi-channel. Using cognition psychology, ergonomics, product semantics, art design and related theory, ATM interface was studied. Firstly, from the point of view of cognition psychology, consciousness characteristics, memory, attention, learn, and error-prone when user operates the product were studied. Taking rational as well as irrational elements into account, established ATM user model, which include mental model, task model and irrational user model. And concluded nine principles of ATM interface design. Secondly, from the point of view of ergonomics, people’s visual sense, auditory sense, tactile sense and other physiological characteristics were studied. And determined the dimension of human figures of ATM. It also applied ergonomics theory to ATM’s display design, control key design, interface layout design and environmental design. Thirdly, from the point of view of product semantics, researched the essential factors and functions and analyzed the level of product semantics. From user’s expect, understanding process, ATM user model, actual operation behavior characteristics, practical knowledge and experience level builded ATM user semantics model. Eventually use product semantics in children ATM interface design. Finally, from the point of view of functional beauty, formal beauty, material beauty, beauty of technology and other aspects about art design to study ATM interface design, which can realize the high spiritual needs level of the people.From the above we can conclude that through the ATM interface design studied, this paper want the research result can help designer in information design of ATM interface design. And help designer design product interface, which can meet user’s requirements and content user’s physiology and psychology, to make product more humanity and achieve the experience of delighted and amusing when they use of the products. Meanwhile, I want the research result can help designer in information design of related product interface design.

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