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Simulation Research and Investigation of Installing Technology for the Passenger Compartment Door of Metro Vehicle

Author ChenZuo
Tutor WangBoMing
School Southwest Jiaotong University
Course Vehicle Engineering
Keywords sliding plug door system of metro vehicle dynamic simulation installation technology analysis
CLC U463.834
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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For the purpose of quickly transporting large amount of passengers and as the channel of passengers get on and off, the passenger compartment door plays an important role in the operation of the of urban rail vehicle. Because of its prominent performance, sliding plug door system has been largely used in urban rail vehicle. However it also has a complex structure, installation difficulties, so its performance of the switch gate is worse than other types of door. Therefore, it did not receive widely used. Besides production of subway vehicle in China started late. Theoretical analysis of the Non-principal components of the metro vehicle’s passenger compartment door systems is insufficient. The theoretical research due to the low levels of installation technology result of switch door poor performance is still blank. This paper carried out a detailed theoretical discussion on the existing passenger compartment sliding plug door.According to the existing subway sliding plug door installation process size and use dimension chain analysis method derived that the slide position of the door. When the doors size error control within1.5mm, slide size error and arm size difference theoretically should be controlled in0.5mm. Then according to these size requirements to meet the rain test requirements door process points to improve optimization.Build the three-dimensional solid model of urban rail vehicle passenger compartment door system by Pro/E. Then carry out the composition of the parts assembly and interference testing in the software of Pro/E to ensure the correctness and accuracy of the assembly. At last, directly import Simplified3D model in Pro/E into ADAMS software.According to the structure and motion characteristics of the subway door, establish kinematic equations of the door system. Obtain the relationship between displacement, velocity and acceleration of the door in theory. And then take advantage of the analysis capabilities of ADAMS software to analyze kinematic subway car door system. And simulation results are consistent with the theoretical results which prove that using of the subway car door system established by the Pro/E and ADAMS software model is correct and reasonable.There is inevitable resistance among the mechanical parts of the relative movement of the door in the course of the campaign. However, due to more components involved in it, through the establishment of the mechanical equations derived calculation will be very difficult. So we used the ADAMS simulation analysis on the door by force.The friction of the door change, there will be little effect on the door switch door performance. However the door of the trajectory of change, there will be a greater impact on the closing performance of the door. When Sierra angle error is greater than3°, door force will exceed the requirements of security value, causing the door mistakenly opened. And finally establish the mechanical model of the sealing rubber, and analyze the performance of a rubber seal in the different deformation of the door closing. The most important dimensions is the size of the intermediate rubber seal, and the error should be zero; and the best installation size range of doors outside the pendulum is54mm~56mm.The results show that this method provides a more adequate theoretical basis for the door installation process optimization and improvement.

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