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Design of Automobile Starter Performance Test System

Author ZhangZongFa
Tutor WangDaZhi
School Northeastern University
Course Control Theory and Control Engineering
Keywords automobile starter performance test anti-jamming curve fitting
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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The automobile starter is used to start the automobile engine, overcoming resistance when the engine start and making the engine reached the minimum required speed. The starting performance is one of the key performance indexes of the automobile. A comprehensive performance test has to be done in order to judge a automobile starter is whether qualified or not. A starter’s comprehensive performance test is to carry out the performance test of solenoid switch and the DC electromotor which is done in different operating conditions, such as idle load, load, and braking.This paper describes the working principle of the automobile starter and starting characteristics requirements firstly. It is familiar with the whole working process by analyzing starter’s operating characteristics. According to QC/T277-1999standard, it is introduced the temperature, testing power and testing accuracy with regard to testing the automobile starter. At last, it is to analyze the automobile starter’s speed characteristics, torque characteristics, mechanical properties and power characteristics in order to get the function before the testing of the automobile starter.According to the automobile starter’s working principle and the test project which are inneed, it is to design the testing system, including hardware design, software design, the error processing in data collecting system and anti-interference design. As the core of the whole system, it is to achieve automobile starter solenoid switch performance test, no load testing, braking testing and load testing project by the industrial control computer. In the load testing, the test system voltage closed-loop and closed loop torque, and voltage of the conventional closed-loop PID controller and PID controller with fuzzy adaptive torque closed loop.This paper describes the basic data acquisition system design principles for data collection to random error, gross error and nonlinear compensation processing. In order to ensure the accuracy of test system, the paper also discusses the practical application of technology used in a variety of interference, including hardware design, software design, anti-interference technology and EMC electromagnetic interference suppression. The interference suppression measures can improve the system precision and accuracy.This testing system is mainly programmed by using VB software, including the process design of the test system, the interface design and achieving performance curve. The testing system interface design includes functional testing system interface design and parameter modification interface design. It is to establish the related function by analyzing the automobile starter’s working characteristics. It is to obtain the parameter formula by least squares and polynomial regression algorithm. At last, the automobile starter’s performance curve is fitted by the obtained function.

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