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Research on Powertrain Parameters Design of Pure Electric Car

Author WuXue
Tutor ChuLiang
School Jilin University
Course Vehicle Engineering
Keywords Pure electric car Powertrain Parameters design Optimization Simulation
CLC U469.72
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Pure electric vehicles (PEV), which have the advantages of using new energy, zeroemissions, low noise, will be the ideal transport in the future. However, compared withconventional vehicles, the driving distance of PEV isn’t long enough and the price isexpensive. They severely restrict PEV’s industrialization process. Choosing reasonablyPEV’s powertrain parameters can maximize the efficiency of the vehicle and powertraincomponents, and reduce the energy consumption. Therefore, before key technologies in thepower battery energy have been breakthrough, research on Powertrain Parameters Design ofPure Electric Cars plays a key role to improve the driving range of PEV.Based on an co-operation program called “Collaborative Research on Power SystemTechnology Platform of New-structural Small Pure Electric Cars”, powertrain parameters ofan Pure Electric Car which is modified by a domestic car have been matched in thedissertation. The parameters can not only meet the demand of design specifications and butalso make sure the driving distance is long and energy consumption is low. By Summarizingthe former research work, the method to design powertrain parameters of Pure Electric Carcan be obtained.The research work carried out in this paper is as follows:First, the methods used by researchers at home and abroad to match PEV’s powertrainparameters were analyzed. It was obtained that the design need to be in the vehicle’s point ofview and the optimization should be used. The coupling relationship between thecomponents was the most important thing need to be considered during the matchingprocess.Furthermore, based on the pre-trial experiment data and analysis of the PEV’sperformance needs and characteristics of components, the critical parameters, the contentand goals for matching were determined. Then a vehicle dynamics simulation platform wasestablished which can be used to simulate the PEV and components’ performance and tooptimize the matching parameters.What’s more, the process to design the powertrain parameters preliminary wasformulated. The matching’s target was to meet the dynamics and driving range index. And the constraints among the various components and vehicle were considered. These would beused in the further optimization.At last, the particle swarm optimization algorithm was used to optimize the parametersby calling the vehicle simulation platform. The goals for optimization were PEV’s drivingrange and energy consumption rate. Finally the best choice was obtained. By comparing thesimulation results, the accuracy of the optimization method was verified. From aboveresearch work, the method to design powertrain parameters of Pure Electric Car wassummarized.The method can be used to guide powertrain parameters design of pure electric cars.And the research results in this dissertation have great significance to design pure electriccars which have not only low energy consumption but also the long driving range.

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