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Based on the Initial Condition of Tractor Clutch AMT Binding Rule of Clutch

Author ZhaoYanKe
Tutor XuLiYou
School Henan University of Science and Technology
Course Vehicle Engineering
Keywords Tractor AMT Initial conditions Clutch engagement rule Fuzzycontrol
CLC S219.03
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Tractor’s working environment, working conditions are poor, complex andvariable, the driver needs to constantly depending on the operating conditions ofbonding, separation, and the shifting operation of the clutch, not only reduces theproduction efficiency and increases fuel consumption of tractor, while will increase thedriver’s labor intensity. The tractor of automated mechanical transmission (referred toas the AMT), canceled clutch pedal, through the accelerator pedal position when thetractor started to control the clutch engagement and separation, reducing the driver’slabor intensity, improving labor productivity. By the impact of the externalenvironment, operating conditions and the driver’s own state of the tractor in thedifferent operating condition, the clutch through the joint law to complete bonding,separation,in order to avoid starting the process of clutch engagement shockingvibration and even cause the flame of the tractor. The joint law of AMT tractor clutchon started working conditions has a certain theoretical significance and practical value.On the basis of describing the traditional clutch implementing agencies, tractorautomatic clutch control mechanism is designed in this paper. The main parameters ofthe tractor clutch and the tractor butterfly spring clutch characteristics were analyzed,reached the functional relationship between the main parameters of the tractor clutchand transmission turn. The analysis of clutch engagement when the tractor started theprocess, established the dynamic model of the clutch engagement process. Theinfluence of clutch engagement smoothness and life factors (clutch engagementevaluation) is described to develop clutch of "fast-slow-fast "joint control programand determine the starting process control system of the control objectives and thecontrol of tractor clutch. Based on fuzzy control theory, excellent driver skilled in thetractor start operate, developed a fuzzy control rules, designed tractor clutchengagement fuzzy controller. Matlab/Simulink software was used to build a dynamicsimulation model of clutch engagement at different stages of the intention of the tractor started the process of simulation. The results showed that the design of thetractor clutch engagement control scheme is correct and feasible to meet the clutchengagement control requirements. This study may lay the foundation for tractorsautomatic mechanical transmission shift system design research.

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